Refreshing Drinks Recipes For Ramadan

As heat is increasing day by day in Pakistan and it is very hard to keep your body hydrated in this summer. People try to add lots of drinks in their diet to stay healthy and fresh. As Ramadan Kareem is also on its way so we have decided to share Refreshing Drinks Recipes For Ramadan with you that will really help you out in beating heat in this summer season and stay relax. During Ramadan , Girls pay attention to get beautiful party wear dresses and boys also go for shopping of stylish kurtas but it is most important thing to focus on diet.

Watermelon Juice :

To make fresh watermelon juice, you need to get an whole watermelon, cut it into medium size and add 10 table spoons of sugar in to it. Put it in a grinder and add crushed ice. Grind it well . Remember to remove watermelon seeds before grinding. Mix it with water and server. Best refreshing drink for Ramadan Kareem is ready for you.


Ayran Drink 

This is also one of the most refreshing drink to deal with dehydration in ramadan. All you need to get is a cup of yogurt, cold water, 1 clove garlic and salt according to your taster. Put everything in a juicer and grind it well. Serve it chilled. 


Chocolate Milkshake

Chocolate milkshake is also one of the most refreshing drink to fight against dehydration and stay fresh and relax in hot summer season during ramadan. All you need is one and half cup of milk and around 300 grams of chocolate (can be crushed), three cups of sugar and six tablespoons of vanilla ice cream. Mix all the ingredients well , put in a juicer. Grind it well and serve chilled. 


Lassi, Most refreshing drink

Lassi is also one of the most refreshing drinks in Ramadan with great taste and it keeps you healthy and relax. To make lassi, you need two cups of plain yogurt, one glass crushed ice, three table spoons of sugar and one tablespon salt. Mix it well and blend in a juicer. Yummy lassi drink is ready.

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