It is true that there are numerous parks in or near Lahore city but safari Park Lahore is one of the most valuable and more usable park in Lahore. Its exact location to be found on Raiwind road near Lahore. Every one can approach it very easily if he has a car. It was established in 1982 by the help of government funding facility. All people who came here have a beautiful feeling and fun together. There are large number of animals such as Lions, Tigers and other big cats are also walking around your car. It is quite sure that when you come here must bring your vehicles because it is extend over immeasurable land of 242 Acre and has a range of animals from birds to tigers.

safari park

There is also a massive aviary for birds. Its has large variety  of birds,  comprising Peacocks, Pheasants, parrots and Macao etc. The park contains a jungle study centre, small museum, children’s zoo and a gift shop, and lake on over 450 acres of land. Picnicking facilities and Boating are also  available. More familiar and exclusive species as peacocks, parrots, Pigeons, ducks, Sparrows, Pheasants and much more even Macaws Parrots and Amazon Parrot also there.

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One Macaws parrot market price is around about 5 lakhs, this is very uncommon in Pakistan the most gorgeous, bright and the largest parrot of the world. Amazon Parrot is smaller than Maccaw parrots but these parrots are also very unique and beautiful species of birds. uncertainty, this is worth seeing. No entry fee to visit this birds house but its just for families. You are not permitted to depart your track while moving  in this area with birds.

safari park Lahore

Safari park opens at 10 am and close after the sun set. It offers ticket at a reasonable price. If you have a car then you have to pay 100, RS only, both for child and adult entry ticket is  20rs and 10rs respectively. There are lots of entertaining facilities are available for visitors and they never get bore.

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They can enjoy the beautiful entertaining services such as canteen ,playing area for kids ,swings ,slides etc. shipping lake and Dinosaurs Models can be seen by the visitors. food stalls and cafeteria are available. Many sorts of entertainment material and sliders for kids are available in Safari Zoo Park and there is green grassy plots too where small children can play any types of game. Nearby is a lake in this recreational area where you can enjoy pedal boating too.

safari park Lahore

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