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No doubt, Pizza is one of the most popular foods around the world. Originally, it is an iconic dish of Italian origin. Later it was brought to various places of the world by various pizza chains owing to its growing popularity. 14th Street Pizza, Karachi is a recognized food company dealing in pizzas with a profound presence in Karachi. They started as a small outlet delivering pizzas in the neighborhood where their outlet was present. They have now grown up rapidly and have expanded their venture to various places in Karachi. Not only this, they have also opened in Multan and Islamabad. To date, they have 8 kitchens in these cities. This expansion has been done in a mere time of 4 years and this proves their extreme popularity and professionalism in the pizza business. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they have introduced a Hand-Tossed Pizza, 20 inches in size, based on New York style, with full customization. They have also pioneered the concept of “One Slice is a Meal”, a concept not introduced here before. Their success is attributed to the reasons that they deliver the largest, luscious pizza in the town. They use the finest toppings and sauces and offer the New York style Hand-Tossed pizza with the most scrumptious cheese, making it extremely delicious for your taste buds.

14 pizza karachi

Products of 14th Street Pizza, Karachi

Ofcourse it is a pizza :). However there is much more to it too. Generally, the pizza offered in Pakistan is simply baked in a deep pan, but the pizza of 14th Street Pizza is made by hand-tossing it (they are the pioneers of it in Pakistan). That is its crust is completely prepared by hand without using a rolling pin and hence is crispier, thinner and less oily and greasy as compared to a pan pizza’s crust. Then it is concealed in finest cheese, sauces and lavish toppings and above all, the size is 20 inches! The product thus formed outclasses its contenders in its size, taste and finery. Not only this, the 14th Street Pizza company also offers supplementary food like starters, desserts, drinks etc., which makes it highly alluring for its diners. Their sauces come in three types; mild, hot and extra-hot. There is another extremely enticing offering of this place. They let you customize your food. You can design/arrange the compositions of your pizza yourself. Although the universality of hand-tossed pizza is kept intact, you can customize it significantly so that it better suits your local taste buds and is better able to cope with groups of varying culinary regions and cultures. Also there are various brands/versions of the pizza so that it suits every pocket. The pizza and the pizza delivery service of 14th Street Pizza company is immensely unique and professional and to the great satisfaction of the customers.


Menu of 14th Street Pizza, Karachi

The menu of the 14th Street Pizza, Karachi involves the following:


The following flavors of pizza are available:

BBQ Chicken              Cheesilicious              Chicken Fajita                        Chicken Tikka

Fiery Chicken             Pepperoni                    Turkey Chunks           Vegetarian

Extra Meat                  Extra Cheese               Sweet Corn                 Pineapple

The following veggies are offered:

Onions                        Tomatoes                    Capsicum                    Jalapenos

Mushrooms                 Green Chili                 Olives


The following sidelines are available:

Cheesy Bread              Cheesy Pockets           Chicken Wings (BBQ/Crispy/Spicy)

Garlic Bread               Potato Skins                Chicken Bites (Spicy/Non-Spicy)

Sweet Somethings

The following sweets are available:

Chocolate Cake          Chocolate Lava Cake             New York Cheese Cake

Nuttella Pizza


Extra Dips

The following extra dips are available:

Garlic and Herb          Garlic Butter               Honey Mustard           Ranch

Sour Cream                 Southwest


The following drinks are available:

Coke                Diet Coke                    Fanta               Minute Maid Orange

Red Bull          Sprite                          Water

Deals of 14th Street Pizza, Karachi


There are a plethora of deals available at the pizza company. The details of the deals can be found with the company, however, to name a few are:

Half Midnight Deal                Unrolled Midnight Deal                     Slice Midnight Deal

The Semi Social Deal             The Social Deal                                  10 Incher Midnight Deal

Time for 10 Deal                    Hungers Better half                            Slice of the Day

“Panic Button” of the Company

The 14th Street Pizza has maintained its presence at almost all conventional and social platforms, being the most appreciated national pizza brand. Recently, the company has launched its android mobile application. The name of the app is “Panic Button”. Basic aim of this mobile app is to instantly cater for the urgent uninvited hunger pangs. You just need to download and install it in your phone and when the sudden craving arises, you just have to press the button marked “Panic Button”. Your order will start getting processed and ready to be delivered only after a single confirmation call by a company representative. At this call you can modify/confirm your order. Mind you, this mobile app facility is only for those who have been loyal customers of the company, i.e., they have been regularly placing orders and have a certain number of order placements to their portfolio. This smart initiative to facilitate the customers is highly innovative and from business point of view, highly customer-centric.

Branches/Outlets of 14th Street Pizza

The 14th Street Pizza Company was once a place of corner pizza delivery company. It has now evolved and expanded its operations to a number of cities and this expansion is furthering. The company has presence at following places:


Khayaban-e-Shahbaz              KDA                North Nazimabad                   SMR

Khayban-e-Nishat                  Defense           Shaheed-e-Millat


There is a single branch functioning in Multan.


There are two branches in Islamabad. These are:

Blue Area                    G-11

The company has a round-the-clock delivery service at all above mentioned places. Besides, the company has in-house marketing department responsible for furthering the business and marketing its various offers and promotions. The company also offers its franchises. The brand strives hard to elevate and uphold its success.

Map Location of 14th Street Pizza Karachi

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