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Lahore is one of the most beautiful city of Pakistan which is often known as city of garden.when you visit to Lahore you can see the large number of gardens in it. Some of the gardens are recently build but the major beauty of the Lahore is historical gardens which are still well maintained and give a fascinating image to the visitors. Here I am going to tell you about Shalimar garden which is one of the most historical garden in this city. The remarkable Shalimar Garden is one of the main tourist attraction in the city which has historic importance. It is also notably known as the ‘Shalamar Gardens’. The gardens are part of the Mughal era which was completed  in sixteen century. The place is situated near to Baghbanpura on the GT road.

shalimar gardenshalimar garden




The garden is very attractive site due to its unique 3-level terraces departing from south to the north surface of the garden. All the 3 terraces have their definite names which are describe in following paragraph.

The top terrace which is at the peak elevation at the third level is identified as ‘Farah Baksh’ in Urdu which literally means ‘Bestower of Pleasure’ in English. The median level garden which is at the second  level is known as ‘Faiz Baksh’ which  literally means ‘Bestower of Goodness’. The lower garden which is first level is known as ‘Hayat Baksh’ in Urdu which has literally means ‘Bestower of Life.





The Shalimar Gardens are not well known due to its greenery and fountains but it also has a variety of buildings. The building structures in the Shalimar Gardens include the following:

  • Aiwan (The Grand Hall
  • Sawan Bhadun Pavilion
  • Aramgah (The Resting Place)
  • Hammam (The Royal Bath)
  • Begum Sahib Khawabgah (Bedroom of the Emperor’s wife)
  • Baradaries (The summer pavilions for enjoying nearby fountain coolness)
  • Diwan-e-Khas-o-Aam (Hall for the ordinary and special visitors to the Emperor)
  • 2 Gateways etc



Location of Shalimar garden on google map


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