There is no doubt, there are numerous of recreational  places in Abbottabad such as illyasi mosque, harnoe, lady garden but shimla hill is one of the best and top favorite place in Abbottabad. This place is known as Shimla Pahari in formal language. citizens from all parts of Pakistan come to visit this place. This is actually one of the most fine-looking and most favorite places of Pakistan. one can enter in to this area without paying any ticket.

shimla hill

It is of the most favorite place of Abbottabad where massive quantity of people go especially in summer late afternoon for fresh air. Local People call it by Shimla phari. Shimla Hill is a hill of the Sherwan area which is about 3 kilometer away from Abbottabad. There are number of pine trees found there which give it too much attraction. When snow fall on Shimla hill we can see the large number of crowed including male, female, adult and children and so on. Play ground is also found near the Shimla hill where different teams came to play different games.

shimla hill

Near by the Shimla hill there is a police check post which is made for the safety and protection of the people. There are lots of entertaining facilities are available for visitors and they never get bore. They can enjoy the beautiful entertaining services such as canteen,playing area for kids, swings, slides etc. shipping lake and Dinosaurs Models can be seen by the visitors. food stalls and cafeteria are available. Many sorts of entertainment material and sliders for kids are available on Shimla hill and there is green grassy plots too where small children can play any types of game. 

shimla hill View

In sum up, it is one of the most visiting and famous place in Abbottabad because of its natural beauty.

View from Shimla Pahari

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