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It is true that Lahore city is heart of Pakistan. There are a numbers of momentous places in Lahore, like DATA DARBAR, Shahi Qila Lahore, etc. Here I am going to tell you about the history of sky land Lahore. Sky land Lahore is first amusement parks in Lahore. It was recognized as a park in 1999. It covers an area over 50 acre. Sky land started off with just ten rides a admission fee of Rs.50 for adults and Rs.35 for children. The owners of the sky land only come every few months to verify financial records and pay bills, other than that they have lost interest.

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The place is very well constructed on the whole and with grass and colorful rides. There is a a lot  of amusement and excitement in the park. Even though the slides, water rides, and water in general is very clean, the general rides are not so much. There is a cup ride where you sit down in the ride and it spins around in circle very speedy, that ride is clean to sit in, but the region in between, on which you walk to each cup is enclosed with dry vomit, on other rides, the same circumstances prevails, the seats are tidy and so are the protection handle bars, but the upper limit or surrounds of most walls are unclean.


Snacks like chips, aloo chana chat, gol gappay, dahi bhally are available for use as well as soft drinks, biscuits and water. There are general stores at the entry gate of sky land which also present plenty of goods but they are closed most of the time and there is one chief variation between the shops inside the park and outside it, the shops outside area indict the normal price like Rs.10 for a small packet of lays, but in inner area the shops charge Rs.15 and the same goes for all other packaged products offered. 



I strongly believe that Sky land is certainly a picnic area to go where every one can take too much entertainment and fun.

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