Tips to Avoid Getting Thirsty in Ramadan

As everyone knows that water is most import fluid for human body and it really helps to replenish thirsty feel during hot summer seasons. Unfortunately, people don’t drink lots of water in Ramadan Kareem , it may lead to dehydration. People only prefer to drink water during Iftar and then wait for the next day to drink water again.Every human being needs to drink plenty of water as our body contains around 60-70 percent of water. It is extremely essential to balance your diet and it is necessary to compensate water loss in your body. Refreshing soft drinks are very essential in Ramadan. People focus on making easy recipes. Here are some tips to Tips to Avoid Getting Thirsty in Ramadan. All these tips will really help you out to stay hydrated whole day in Ramadan. 

  • Try to add fruits and vegetables in your diet that contains high water contents.


  • Watermelon contains rich water contents. This is amazing summer fruit that really helps to stay your body hydrated whole day. Make a watermelon smoothie if you are tired of eating watermelon each day.
  • Tomatoes also contains water contents. Try to eat tomatoes daily and use it in the salad. Ripped tomatoes are very juicy and it keeps you hydrated for longer time.
  • Try to eat cucumber as much as you can. Cucumber contains 90% of water and keeps you hydrated. If you can eat a cucumber in Sahur it will really help you to stay hydrated during the whole day.


  • Fast Foods and Fried things are cup of tea for everyone in Iftar but it can really make you thirsty so try to avoid eating fried food like fries, samosas and pakoras etc.


  • Try to avoid Caffeine , be light on tea and coffee. As caffeine leads to reduce water contents in your body.


  • Avoid sitting in the heat or directly interaction with sunshine during fasting especially in summers as it leads to sweating and ultimately reduces liquid contents in your diet.
  • Avoid eating hot and spicy dishes , be very light on spices as it  can makes you thirsty. Even if you are making salad, don’t add too much salt in to it. 
  • Try to drink fresh home made juices and lime smoothie instead of getting soft drinks or readymade juices.


If you follow all these tips, this will really help you to stay healthy by keeping your body hydrated. The most important tip is that do not drink too much water at once, try to drink water between the meals.

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