Top 10 Engineering Fields In Pakistan

Study is the only way through which we can move on with this world and study can make us compatible with the competition that is being going on nowadays and in coming days it will turn to more tough. If we want to succeed in life we have to follow the right way means we have to follow the field in which we have interest for which we have been there to serve the nation. Here are some engineering fields that will help you to make sure yourself for which thing you are fine.

Engineering Fields In Pakistan

Civil engineering:

Civil engineering is on the top of the engineering lists and it is bit tough. For this field you have to be strong in mathematics and drawing. As civil work belongs to the constructions and for constructions you have to take measures of the land and these should be very keenly observed and taken and this can be only done if you are strong at mathematics then this field is waiting for you. This field has good salary package and it is also very reputable.

Electrical engineering:

Some of our students have interest with electronics and from the start they are about to do different experiments with home appliances. Those are the kids who get to know about their self that they have interest in this field and they need to learn more about that. For this field you have to be strong in physics and there are bundle of formulas that will help you to determine whether the amount of current is higher or resistance or any other measurements. This degree has good salary package in abroad and in Pakistan governments jobs for electrical engineers are good enough.

Mechanical engineering:

For our youngsters this field is getting much fame as our youngsters are interested in driving the cars or bikes and whenever they face any dis-order they get their self involve with the mechanic that what actually happens. And this step will let them to be interested in this field and they are about to learn more things about the machines. For this field you should be sharp at calculations, complicated calculations.

Software engineering:

Software is getting much fame nowadays because of the increase of unemployment. The students get afraid of jobs and they get their self involve in such a field in which they don’t have to work at any company means they don’t need a job to earn. For those people this field is quite good because if you have done this degree then you are applicable to earn at home. You make software for the customer and you sell it in good price. You are about to free lancing at home and after this degree you don’t need to look for any company to do job and earn money.

Chemical engineering:

Chemical engineering is for the students who are good with their chemistry books. As you only have to deal with chemicals in this field. There are the works in pharmacy and plastic industries for the chemical degree holders. They have fine pay.


Mechatronics is the combination of mechanical and electronics field. In this field you are about to learn about machines and other house hold electronics. It is quite interesting field and those students who are interested in studying about mechanics and electronics both then they have choice to be in this degree.

Textile engineering:

As our textiles are getting much higher and there are huge demand for it. This is a unique field for unique persons who have creative mind in it. This degree holder performs their duty as a manager in industries as they have to manage the system under their supervision.

Architecture engineering:

This degree is all about your drawing. As you have to design the graph of building on paper or on any other software then this design will be implemented men the civil engineers. Architectures are in big demand in Arab Emirates.

Industrial engineering:

This degree holders are set to be on the post of managers in industries. They have the knowledge that how a industry can be run. So on this thing they about to select for managing or supervising or for the post of supply chain supervisor etc.

Computer engineering:

Software is all about to deal with the software in that you will learn programming but in this degree you are about to design the computer. This field is more important because if the design is good and applicable then any software can be installed in that devices.

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