Top 10 Fastest Cars in Pakistan

Now a day’s every single person is car lover and want a best or fastest car to drive. However the prices of top rated cars of good companies are on the peak and its never easy to buy that much expensive car. But most of the people still prefer fastest and luxurious cars to buy. Her is a list of some fastest and top rated cars of Pakistan:

List of Top 10 Fastest Cars in Pakistan

1. Range Rover:

Range Rover- Top 10 Fastest Cars

Range rover is the best among all giant rides. It’s all features are awesome and is widely appreciated by everyone. It has got 510-hp, 461-Ib—ft supercharged 5.0 liter V-8. Its price in Pakistan is 12,000,000.00/.

2. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado:

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado -

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is love of high taste car lovers in Pakistan. Prado is a car with great performance and high dynamic shapes. It has got high quality features and it is one of the fast and most luxurious cars in Pakistan. Its price in Pakistan is 95,000,000.00/.

3. Honda Accord Sedan:

honda Accord Sedan - Top 10 Fastest Cars

Everyone in Pakistan loves Honda Accord because of its high quality and best features. It is most famous car in Pakistan.  It comes in top most luxurious and fastest car of Pakistan.  It has got 185 –hp, 2.4-Liter, 16- value. Its shape and exterior is very much impressive.

4. Toyota Corolla:

Toyota Corolla

Toyota corolla is best selling and one of the most popular cars in Pakistan.  Everyone in Pakistan prefers Toyota Corolla as it is a luxury car available in affordable price.  It provides you basic trouble free and comfortable transportation. Its fully modified and design has made it more appealing. Its recent price in Pakistan is 2,299,000/.

5. Honda Civic:

Honda Civic - Top 10 Fastest Cars

Another beloved vehicle of Pakistani people is Honda Civic which has got various qualities and marvelous shape. It is attractive and more safer car with many built in features. Its price in Pakistan is 2,021,000/.

6.  Honda City:

Honda City

Honda city is one of the top rated and famous cars in Pakistan because of its various features and qualities. Its engine is of 497 cc with the power of 119 ps. Its fuel type is petrol  and has 4 cylinders. Its shape and design is so attractive with impressive interior. Its price in Pakistan is 1,508,000/.

Just like young people kids here also have a special love for cars. It starts at a very young age during there childhood when they get the best kids ride on cars and thats the main reason for there love for the cars which develops at the very young age.

7.  Suzuki Swift:

suzuki Swift

Suzuki swift is recently best car of Suzuki company which is widely appreciated by Pakistani people. It is equipped with 1.3cc engine and exterior design f swift is also very attractive that’s why it is the first choice Of Pakistanis. Its price in Pakistan is 1,221,000/.

8. Toyota Vitz:

Toyota Vitz - Top 10 Fastest Cars

Vitz has also got impressive look and its very easy to drive. So it is mostly the first choice of the ladies of Pakistan. It comes with the engine of 106-horsepower, 1.5-litre four cylinder. Because of its flexibility and auto transmission power its is very suitable for family use. It is a luxurious car. Its price in Pakistan is 150,0,000/.

9. Suzuki Alto:

Suzuki Alto

Suzuki alto is mini car so its easy to handle and you can drive it anywhere with ease. It is designed small by keeping n mind the needs of average car users. It has got Three-cylinder engines with ci=onnsumption of 37km/liter. Its price in Pakistan is 730,000/.

10. Suzuki Cultus:

Suzuki Cultus - Top 10 Fastest Cars

Suzuki Cultus is very famous car in Pakistan. Its performance is brilliant. It has got great features and specifications. It comes with 993cc engine. Its price in Pakistan is 1,034,000/.

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