Top 10 Haunted Places in Pakistan

Haunted places are dangerous places which is like to visit by the most people of the world. There are an increasing number of people like to hunt because of many reasons.

Here is the List of Top Ten Haunted Places in Pakistan.

Koh-i-Chiltan Peak – Baluchistan


Koh-I-Chiltan Peak – Baluchistan Coho. Cotton is one of the most dangerous and haunted places in Baluchistan. There are about 40 children has been haunted by the ghost. The main and top story of the couple is poor, fairly simple, and without a child. There are a number of ghost and fairy lives in this place. It is a fascinating place from sunrise to sunset, but after that people don’t like to go there because of the ghost and the fairy.

Mohatta Palace – Karachi


Mohatta Palace was built by Shivratan Chandraratan, in 1927. It was abandoned when Pakistan and India partition have become separated homeland in these days this place is known for the museum. It should be noted that much extraordinary stuff looks to occur here when the guests are moved out and the illumination produces dim. A large number of workers believe that equipment has a trend to shift themselves, from one spot to an additional place. It is also believed that when no one is inside themuseum, then light switch off and automatically. The guards also strongly argue that it is one the most haunted place from the British Raj.

Dalmia Road – Bride of Karsaz – Karachi


Experts believe that a juvenile pair was driving home on their wedding night in the 1970s on a enlarge of the Dalmia Road in between Gulistan-e-Johar and Karsaz. Newlywed husband was feeling so much boredom and restless, because of it, he fell asleep At first, at the wheel it merely seems like a disastrous accident, but after that, people have been exposed sightings on Karsaz Road in a red dress of a bride. She approaches, drivers whose vehicles stopped on the road at night in a very strange manner, most probably decreasing her most recent moments on the road as she tried a lot to assist her expiring and dying husband.

Chowkandi Graveyard


It is situated on the National Highway of Karachi; it is the top ancient graveyard of the country, approximately 600 hundred years old. It is also measured and considered as one of the most disturbed and anxious graveyards. Nobody would like to visit there after the sunset because it is the most dangerous and haunted graveyard. Most of the people who live there felt the shout and noisy, especially at night time. Although, it is un attractive place to visit, but nobody to go there when the sun has set.

Shireen Cinema – Karachi


It is located in the North area of the Karachi and It is very close to the people because here unusual things are happening especially at night time. It is one of the top haunted places in Karachi where almost ghosts come to watch movies; one staff member has said that there are numerous of ghosts and fairy living with their families in various locations of the cinema. It is the most dramatic place in Karachi.

Hawks Bay – Haunted Hut Karachi


It is a place which is never rented out only those people hire it that has no knowledge about this place. Weddings are held by Jinnat For during the night, especially on a full moon. If anyone wants to hire on a rent first he should be kept in mind that there are some ghost also live here.

Kaghan Valley. Lake Saiful Muluk


Story behind Kaghan Valley A few years ago Prince of Persia deeply fell in love with the Fairy Princess of the Lake due to her attraction and prettiness, but when the demon hears that they both fall in love the Demon killed both the Fairy Princess and after that fairy came to this place in the moons of two lover’s death.

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