Top 10 Insurance Companies in Pakistan

Top insurance companies in Pakistan have much importance, because nowadays every one’s life is on risk. So in this fast age you need to manage your life through these risks. Suppose you have a car and in accident it’s totally destroyed. So you need to pay for its work. No you don’t need to pay for its maintenance there are insurance companies that will take all expense on them. Same like car, god forbid, if you lost your life in accident then what about your family, how they will manage to afford their living, so there are solution to every problem and for this problem insurance is the best solution. 

Top insurance companies in Pakistan

State life Insurance:

State life is a global life insurance company of Pakistan, it is also the pension company that provide pensions to pension holder without disturbing them. There are more plans like heath, car insurance, home insurance, and other insurances. For more detail please contact 041-3420174.

EFU Insurance:

It is among the top insurance companies of Pakistan. They have different insurance policies through which they are serving the nation. They have the plans that will show your love and care for your loved ones by accepting their policy. You can have further detail by contacting on this number 021-32313471-90.

IGI Insurance Limited:

This insurance company providing good policies to the public and their policies includes all types of rates that the policy holder want to active on. They have the insurance plans like health insurance, travel insurance, and marriage plans etc.

Jubilee Insurance:

Jubilee life insurance cares for your dreams and future. We don’t know what is going to happen with us on the next step so we should be very careful for that problem that might be seeking for us. In order to reduce that sign of danger jubilee life insurance policy is the best plan for you and your family. For further details you can call 021-111-111-544.

Postal life Insurance:

Postal life insurance’s head office is located in Rawalpindi. It is and trust worthy and old organization which is serving the nation since the rule of British. There are several types of policies that are being serviced by the postal life that includes group insurance, non-medical policy, whole life policy and many more. For further details please contact +92-51-9260371.

AIG Insurance Company:

It is n multinational insurance company. This insurance company has very manageable policy programs that most of the people agreed to sign on it after complete satisfaction. Their head office is in Karachi and you can contact them through this number 021-35205443-4.

United Insurance:

The united insurance has succeeded to cover the large area of the world through their best serving policies and they provide full attention to their customers. They care for their customers after signing out the policy too. Their policy programs are good and you can have further details regarding their policies on this number (+92-21) 35621460 – 62.

NJI Insurance:

NJI insurance company is located in Islamabad and most of the people of Islamabad used to sign their policies and accept their condition because of their location as it is in Islamabad. They provide child insurance, life insurance, car insurance and many more. For further details please call (051) 2270365.

Premier Insurance Limited:

To best serve our clients and associated Reinsurers, we apply highly professional risk management so that we may write profitable business for our Reinsurers. By striving for quick settlement of claims, they have maintained the trust of clients. For further details please call +92 21 3241 6331-34.

IGI Insurance Company:

IGI is a registered insurance company that has millions of policy holders. IGI feels pride in having a long term business relationship with leading local and multinational companies. For further details please call (92)-111-234-234

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