Top 10 NGOS In Pakistan To Make A Better Society

As we all know that people in all over the world judge Pakistan through what our media is showing them but reality is that Pakistani nation is one of those nations who are most hospitable and also give a great amount of charity to needy people. As our religions Islam wants us to help people who are in need and also help each other is also part of our teachings. People give charity and zakat to help needy and poor help. NGOS are basically non-government organizations that are working hard day and night to make Pakistan a better country. We will list about top ten NGOs that are working in Pakistan.

1: Edhi Foundation:

Eidhi Foundation - Top NGO in Pakistan

Everyone in the Pakistan is familiar with the services of Edhi foundation. These services help every one not only in Pakistan but also across the world. Edhi foundation is working on non-political and non commercial basis and it is serving in all over the Pakistan. Mr Adbulsatar Edhi and his wife Mrs Bilquis Edhi is the owner of this organization and currently this organization is being operated by Mrs Biliquis now after the death of Mr.Edhi. Edhi foundation is providing one of the largest ambulance services in the Pakistan to facilitate Pakistan.

2: Agha Khan Program for Rural Support:

Agha Khan Program for Rural Support -Top NGO in Pakistan

In 1982, Agha Khan Foundation established this organization. This organization has made lots of efforts to improve quality of living for villagers. This organization is currently providing services to the people who are underprivileged and poor especially in areas like Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral.

3: Shahid Afridi Foundation:

Shahid Afridi Foundation - Top NGO in Pakistan

This organization is founded and operated by one of the famous cricketer of Pakistani team Shahid Afridi. This organization is currently operation hospital and schools to facilitate poor people of Pakistan. Their aim is to make the community literate and teaching them about different medical practices as well.

4: Aurat Foundation:

Aurat Foundation - Top NGO in Pakistan

Aurat Foundation was established in 1983 as non profit organization under registration act of 1960.Intially it was known as service foundation. The main purpose of this organization is to raise awareness among the women of Paksitan and make them realize that they are equal to man in every matter of life.

5: Chhipa Welfare Association:

Chhipa Welfare Association - Top NGO in Pakistan

This is non profit and non government organization that is providing all kind of help to people in Pakistan. Like all other ngos its main purpose is to serve humanity with out any discrimination.

6: Darul Sakun:

Darul Sakun - Top NGO in Pakistan

Darulsakun is non-profit and non government organization which is an amazing home for mentally disable children in Pakistan. This organization is facilitating those helpless children who are being left by their own loved ones. They collect disable children found in street or any hospital or at police station.

7: Ansar Burney Trust International:

Ansar Burney Trust International - Top NGO in Pakistan

This is also non profit and non government organization being operated by Ansar Burney. They gather donation from public and lots of private firms also make donation to help poor humanity.

8: Sayiani Welfare International:

Sayiani Welfare International - Top NGO in PakistanThis organization help poor people in Pakistan and try to facilitate humanity in different platforms. Its famous saying is free for all. For poor society this organization acts like backbone.

9: Lahore Musical Forum:

Lahore Musical Forum - Top NGO in Pakistan

This organization is helping to produce new star and play a vital role in helping classical musicians.

10: Youth Parliament Of Pakistan:

Youth Parliament Of Pakistan - Top NGO in Pakistan

This is another unorthodox organization working to help the young Pakistani talent.

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