Top 10 Oil and Gas Companies In Pakistan

Economy of oil and gas is Pakistan 25th largest economy in Pakistan. Every resources of the country perform major role in the development of economy, like cement factories in Pakistan put major effect in making Pakistani economy strong. Nowadays oil and gas are major resources and also the major issues of Pakistan, however the problems of oil has been solved up-to some extent. The energy crisis is being conceived of and deal with as an electricity problem.

List of Top 10 Oil and Gas Companies In Pakistan

Attock Refinery Limited:

Attock Refinery limited is the Pakistan’s biggest private limited company. This industry has the a very proud past, a very active present and a promising future. Its shares are also placed on stock exchange and broker use to deal with their shares. It is situated at Morgah, Rawalpindi.

BHP Billiton Petroleum:

BHP Billiton Petroleum business includes exploration, development, production and marketing activities. Their core production operations are located in the Mexico, Australia. BHP industry giving a boost to the economy of Pakistan. It is located at main Margalla, Islamabad.

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BP Pakistan Exploration:

BP Pakistan Exploration is performing their best for the betterment of Pakistan’s economy and their resources are also much fine. Every industry at their level is doing best to boost the Pakistan in the developed countries and as long as we all know that the development from natural resources can boost the Pakistan’s economy more than any other thing can. It is located at Chundrigrh Road, Karachi.

Total Parco Pakistan Limited:

Total Parco Pakistan Limited providing oil to the petrol pumps of Total. Almost every city has Total pump built in it and the nation trust it that’s why they are running smoothly without any allegation. It is located at model town, Lahore.

Shell Oil Pakistan:

The most famous oil company of Pakistan that is serving the nation for a long period of time. Shell pumps are everywhere, in each city we watch there would be a shell pump. It is doing their best for the country and country also accept their trying for its betterment. Their head office is at Khaliq zaman road, Karachi.

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Zoom petroleum Pakistan:

The Group has been associated with the oil marketing and retailing business almost about thirty years and over this period of time gained tremendous experience. This oil is also best for the engine as it helps to run the car more smoothly. This industry is located at Lahore.

Premier Oil:

As a developed international oil and gas company, they recognize that they need to earn their social and legal license to operate through a consistent track record of responsible and effective performance. This industry is located at Islamabad.

Pakistan State Oli (PSO):

PSO stands for Pakistan State Oil and it is the most famous oil company of Pakistan. This oil company has got the fame to its peak and nowadays there is not a single town where the PSO pump is not built. Its main branch is located at Clifton, Karachi.

Ocean Pakistan Limited:

OPL has the stamina to extend its industry. OPL is the successor to Orient Petroleum International. Up-to 5 years of commencing E and P activities, OPL made Pakistan’s largest oil discovery. Its office is in Islamabad.

Bakri Trading Company:

BAKRI TRADING COMPANY PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD. is one of the Oil Gas & Fuel in Karachi. They are performing well and they have high quality of oil. They export their oil to their branches in al over the Pakistan.

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