University College Of Medicine & Dentistry Lahore Fee structure and Admissions

Nowadays young generation of Pakistan is serious for their future and they prefer study instead of any other thing. Because the fast era is here and we cannot be successful in this era without having any degree in hand. In order to survive good and to be reputable in society we need to get education. Education will bring happiness and pride for your parents because they have many expectations from you.

The one of the best field in undergraduates and graduates program is medical field. Medical in fact is the field of medicines and it is the science of the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. For this matter here is college in Lahore which is named as university college of Medicine and Dentistry. This college is offering different medical degrees.

Undergraduates program:

UCMD is offering the students MBBS program and bachelor of dental surgery BDS.

MBBS In University College Of Medicine & Dentistry :-

MBBS is an undergraduate program but it is bit different from other programs. In universities other degree programs have semester system and there semester time is of 6 month. But the MBBS and other medical degrees system is bit different, they have annual system. MBBS is a highly professional degree. To get admission in it is like to conquer a war. It is 5 years degree program and in the starting two years they students have to go through some theoretical studies and it includes assignments, quizzes, lecture notes, presentations and test etc. And after that remaining years will be spend in hospital. Students are thrown to their practical field and they do different operation on patients and on dead bodies as well.

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Course Offers in MBBS :-

There are different courses in 1st annual, these are:-

 Anatomy with embryology, Histology with emphasis on functional aspects, Practical classes of histology, physiology, biochemistry, information technology, Islamic studies, ethics or Pakistan studies.

In 2nd annual:

Almost same courses are taught in 2nd annual system, not the same books but the part 2 of those courses.

In 3rd annual:

Lectures and practical classes and lectures about Pharmacy information andTherapeutics, Lectures and practical, and much more depends on the demand of the situation subject can be added in it.

In 4th annual:

Lectures and Practical in Special Pathology, Lectures and Practical /field studies in Community
Medicine, Lectures and Ophthalmology studies that is related to EYES, and other practical subjects are attached with hospital training.

Admission requirements in University College Of Medicine & Dentistry :-

Student should get 60% in FSC pre medical. And there held different tests in which you need to appear like MCAT, SAT and UCMD test.


UCMD has an excellent education system. Some of students who are dying to get admission in medical are often try to get admission in MBBS but sometimes they couldn’t get into that degree that’s why one more degree has designed for those who at the end just want to study the biology or medical. This program is designed to graduate a dental medicine doctor. They have graduated many students and they have aim to graduate the students who can compete in the hospitals and they should be professional so that they are sincere to their degree and can take care of patients as well.

Admission requirement (BDS):

Same like MBBS admission procedure, you have to appear in MCAT and if you couldn’t perform well in that then appear in SAT or UCMD test and then selection will be made after final interview.

Courses Offer in BDS:

In the 1st year of BDS studies student learn different subject like:

Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Oral Biology & Tooth Morphology, Islamic & Pakistan Studies, Information Technology.

In the 2nd year:

Pharmacology, General Pathology & Microbiology, Science of Dental Materials, Community Dentistry, Behavior Sciences, Dental Pharmacology, Prosthodontics (Pre-Clinical Lab).

In the 3rd Year:

Periodontology, Oral Pathology, Oral Medicine, General Medicine, General Surgery, Oral & Maxilla-facial Surgery (Exodontia & Clinical Assignments).

In The 4th year:

Prosthodontics, Oral & Maxilla-facial Surgery, Operative Dentistry, Orthodontics.

Admission Criteria:

Besides the criteria discuss above here is some more info about the admission process. The number should be 150 for admission in MBBS and 75 for admission in BDS. There are open merits seats. The students who are applying for open merit seats should appear and clear MCAT entry test.

Foreign Seats:

The candidates must pass FSC pre medical or must be his or her degree equivalent to in Pre medical. The students who have studied in foreign need to clear two subjects for further studying that is biology and chemistry. The aggregate should be 60% and remember this aggregate is for foreign students. The foreign candidates who have secure 60% aggregate can take admission in MBBS and BDS.

The aggregate in MCAT entry test for foreign students is 24. The foreign candidates need to clear SAT with compulsory subjects of chemistry and biology if they are appearing in SAT test.

UCMD Interview:

The candidates who have passed their entry test and they reached to the aggregate set by UCMD then their interview will be held on which selection list will be displayed.

Student Life:

Beside the study there is chill life for students. And they also deserve such a luxury life as they have worked very hard to be there.  There are sports facilities for the students, library facilities, transport facilities, IT facilities, GYM, Hostels, cafeteria, and medical and dental health.

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