Which neckline looks good on your kurti?

Kurti is traditional, trendy and comes in a variety of styles and designs. Kurti can be casual and formal depending on how you style it. Did you know the design of your neckline can determine the style of your kurti? You can Check out Stylecaret for kurtis of a variety of neckline at an affordable price.Which neckline looks good on your kurti?Which neckline looks good on your kurti?

Here are several necklines and how you can style them

Collard neckline

Collard necklines on kurti are inspired by western-style fashion trends. They look modern and are popular in shirts and jackets.

How to style them

You can wear a collard neckline kurti bare with ankle boots or converse shoes for a modern streetwear fashion look. A Chinese collar kurti can be achieved by creating a cut on a closed neckline and adding wooden buttons. The Chinese collar makes your outfit classic and trendy at the same time.

Front high neckline with bareback

This neckline gives you the opportunity to flaunt your bareback. Showing a little back is not considered nudity or disrespect.

Unlike everyday plain kurti style, the bareback neckline kurti is a straightforward look. You can wear this kurti to dinners and social events, including some festivals. This neckline cannot be worn to work

How to style it

Pair your bear back kurti with palazzo pants and some stylish clogs for a dinner date, movie, social gathering or any casual event

Halter neckline    

The halter neckline is a gorgeous and elegant design that shows off the shoulders.  This neckline comes in a variety of styles. The halter neckline can be collarless or have a short turtle neck. The straps on that connect to the back of the attire may be spaghetti or thick. This cut is very modern and can be worn to dinners, parties and dates. Do not wear this neckline to cultural events. This is a bold neckline, not everybody can handle the attention. It fits women of all body shapes

How you can style it

A long halter neckline kurta can be worn bare with some fancy pompoms or sandals for a day out in the sun or the beach.

A bareback halter neckline kurti paired with nice palazzo pants can be good for picnics and hanging out with friends

Peter pan neckline

This neckline is modern and elegant and has been inspired by the retro culture. The peter pan neckline is flat, with rounded keyholes in the middle, near the chest. The neckline adds an indo-western style to the kurti. A kurti with this neckline can be worn to festivals, social events and work, depending on the color and print. You don’t need jewellery with this neckline because the keyholes on the neckline give a flattering illusion of pendants.

How to dress it

This neckline goes well with frock kurti. For an official look, find straight cut kurti with a block color and the neckline must have strictly one keyhole.   If it’s long enough, you can wear a flared kurti with a peter pan neckline as a dress to give off that elegant and sophisticated look on the streets.

Asymmetrical neckline

Some asymmetrical necklines have collars while others don’t. Low cut- kurti with asymmetrical neckline are good for dinners and night parties. Choose a kurti with a front slit and asymmetrical neckline and pair it with block colored palazzos for a beautiful casual wear. You can wear this outfit to festivals and social gatherings

Most asymmetrical kurtis have embroidery or buttons around the neckline as an accessory. You need minimal jewellery with this outfit. The cut along the neckline and chest depends on the individual’s style. Don’t wear a deep cut asymmetrical neckline to cultural events as it may seem disrespectful.

V neckline

The v-neckline kurti is the most famous one yet. The v-neck comes in many styles and designs. A basic v-neck kurti has just a plain v neck cut. The v neck creates a slimming effect and makes you appear longer. V necks look good on short people, regardless of the size of the burst. V-neck line designs include; high plunge neckline, broad v-neck, high v-neck and cross v-neck among others.

V-necklines look good on any style kurti and can be worn in almost all occasions. Don’t wear deep v necklines to cultural and festive events.

How to style a v-neck kurti

Cross v-necks look good on peplum kurti paired with palazzo pants. It gives you style elegance and sophistication. You can wear this to important events like dinner parties, dates and fashion events.

A high v-neck goes well with Chinese collar on a silk kurti if you are looking for something more traditional. With embellishments and prints, a high v-neck line can make your outfit blend in a cultural Indian wedding.

Strapless, off shoulder and one shoulder necklines

The strapless neckline allows you to show off your shoulders and leaves room for large and Indian inspired jewellery. A kurta with this neckline has no arms. Off shoulders are also western-inspired. It leaves the shoulders open and covers the arms.  If you have heavy arms, this neckline is your alternative to a strapless neckline. The one shoulder neckline cuts across the chest and neck diagonally to expose one shoulder. This neckline is modern, trendy and gives off a sliming look.

How to style them

Wear strapless and off-Shoulder neckline kurtis with jeans or jeggings to give you an indo-inspired western look. Add a statement necklace to break the cut between your bust and neck.

With the one shoulder neckline, you don’t need to accessorise, style an ankle-length one shoulder kurta with leggings and simple heels for a night out. Wear your hair down to avoid creating an illusion of a long neck

Crew neckline

A crew neckline is round, with a short turtle neck. It has embroidery on it.  The embroidery is mostly kundan and zardosi work. The neckline is beautiful and can be worn in both formal and cultural events. This neckline has a similar resemblance to that of a t-shirt. The circumference of the jewellery depends on your taste. It is perfect for women of all sizes.

How can you style this neckline?

A crew neckline kurti with a flowing design, made of silk or chiffon and heavy sheer is a beautiful indo-western style. You can wear this long kurti to any casual event. It does not need jewellery because the necklace makes a statement on its own.

With this information, you will have a better view of what design of kurti you need to add to your closet, and how to dress your kurti according to the collar neck to give off a certain look.

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