Pakistan Monument Museum Islamabad

It is undeniable fact that every nation wants to preserve its art and craft for future. We are exploring our past to better our future. Museums and libraries are the best place to gain this objective. There are a lot of museums in pakisatan such as Bahawalpur Museum, National Museum of Pakistan, and many more. Pakistan … Read more

National Museum of Pakistan

There are numerous types of museums including natural history museums, art museums, war museums, science museums and for kids museums to be found in Pakistan. National museum karachi is one the most famous and popular museum in Karachi. National Museum of Pakistan is situated at Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road, Karachi, Pakistan. It was constructed in … Read more

Top Five Museums in Pakistan

Museum is a place where we can see our tradition and customs. There are numerous types of museums including natural history museums, art museums, war museums, science museums and for kids museums. There are many museums in Pakistan but here I would like to clarified top five most favorite museum of Pakistan. Some of the top Museums … Read more

Top 10 Haunted Places in Pakistan

Haunted places are dangerous places which is like to visit by the most people of the world. There are an increasing number of people like to hunt because of many reasons. Here is the List of Top Ten Haunted Places in Pakistan. Koh-i-Chiltan Peak – Baluchistan Koh-I-Chiltan Peak – Baluchistan Coho. Cotton is one of the most dangerous and haunted … Read more

Unseen Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Pakistan is a land of immense natural beauty. It has springs, gardens, streams, lakes, mountains, deserts and waterfalls. There are many well known areas which serve as tourist attractions like Neelum Valley, Kaghan Valley, Hunza Valley etc. However, this article will highlight unseen beautiful places in Pakistan. This does not mean that these places have … Read more

Worth Visiting Historical Places in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country with rich cultural heritage. It has a large number of historic places worth visiting. Historic and beautiful places in Pakistan are many and as such these places are have great tourist attraction. Each province of the country is blessed with renowned ancient archeological sites and architectural masterpieces. Visiting such sites gives one … Read more

Most Beautiful and Attractive Places in Pakistan For honeymoon

It is obvious that Pakistan is a land of natural beauty. There are many places in Pakistan for honeymoon those attract the new marriage couple. The newly couple always like to go to honeymoon in early day of their marriage life. Places In Pakistan For Honeymoon are :- 1. Kaghan and Narran valley  It is … Read more

Famous Big Cities of Pakistan

Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a country where people practice Islam as a dominant religion. It is situated in South Asia sharing borders with India, Afghanistan and China on three sides with Arabian Sea on the fourth side. Highlighted famous big cities of Pakistan, among a few others, include Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Faisalabad, … Read more


It is true that there are numerous parks in or near Lahore city but safari Park Lahore is one of the most valuable and more usable park in Lahore. Its exact location to be found on Raiwind road near Lahore. Every one can approach it very easily if he has a car. It was established in 1982 by the help … Read more