Top 10 Travel Agencies In Pakistan

Travel Agencies in Pakistan

It is generally observed that travel agency is a public service agency that offers tourism related service to the people. There are a different types of travel agency that work for the people. The travel are usually organized by travel agent in different region. Here is the list of top travel agencies in Pakistan. Travel … Read more

Top Ten Richest Pakistani Cricketers

Today we will discuss the top 10 richest Pakistani cricketers, as everyone knows that businessmen are on the top of the list of richest persons but here are something different which you will happy to know about. Today the most loving game not only in the Pakistan but in all over the world is cricket. … Read more

Top 10 Dental Colleges In Pakistan

The Medical colleges those are associated with the medical field and oral health care programs are basically Dental colleges. Top Dental Colleges of Pakistan are: 1) De’montmorency college of Dentistry: This college is located in Punjab. It is situated next to the famous Badshahi Mosque. This college enrolls almost 100 student in BDS 4 year … Read more

Top 10 Textile Industries in Pakistan

Textile industry is back bone of the country, so they create a whole new committee to make decision and implement strategies that can truly benefits textile business industry. This committee was established in 2005 and since then they have implements lots of new strategies and made modification. They present a report, which includes list of … Read more

Top Ten Face Wash Brands In Pakistan

Face wash remove dirt from your skin and preserve your skin from dullness as well everyone is searching for best whitening face wash. Its use for dryness of skin and for acne and oil control. Many boys and girls in Pakistan are using different brands whitening Creams in Pakistan and also different types and brands … Read more

Top 10 Orthopedic Surgeons In Pakistan

Orthopedic is a medical field in which there are specialty of focusing on the injuries and disease of human body’s muscle system. These surgeons manage to cure the diseases of musculoskeletal system. There are the process of diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention for the diseases. Orthopedic Surgeons in Pakistan Dr. Ahsan Shamim: He has the degrees … Read more

List Of Top 10 Video Sites In Pakistan

Pakistan is becoming in the leading nations of Asia where millions of people uses internet on daily basis, many people use it just for fun, and many other using internet for seeking jobs or to full fill their education needs, Pakistan also have a great reputation in various other industries, like Pakistani textile industry, Air Conditioner … Read more

Top Ten Pakistani Dramas Serials You Must Watch In 2019


List of Top Ten Pakistani Dramas Khaani: Khaani (English: Feminine of Khan) is a 2017 Pakistani drama serial directed by Anjum Shehzad , produced by 7th Sky Entertainment and written by Asma Nabeel. The drama stars Feroze Khan as Mir Hadi and Sana Javed as ‘Khaani’ Sanam Khan in lead roles. The drama was first aired … Read more

Top 10 Cement Companies In Pakistan

top 10 cement companies in pakistan

Pakistani cement industry is included in those industries which were present even before the partition of the sub continent, like textile Industry in Pakistan. Why this industry has survived so long? The reason behind this is the presence of the raw materials. Pakistan is so rich in possessing very great reserves of limestone and clay … Read more