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As a chicken or poultry farm owner, staying updated on daily feed prices is essential for both healthy poultry and a successful business. Make a habit of checking rates frequently for optimal planning.

A healthy feed regimen is crucial for rapid chicken growth. Below, we provide the latest 2024 Pakistani chicken poultry feed prices. Note that broiler chickens require specific feeds tailored to their age and development. We continuously update these poultry rates to reflect any company price changes.

Pakistan boasts a wide array of poultry feed mills producing chicken feed under various brands. We offer pricing information for major brands across Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, and KPK.

Feed typically comes in the form of crumbs or mash. Please note that market fluctuations may slightly alter displayed prices. These represent the approximate costs of major poultry feed brands in cities like Multan, Lahore, Faisalabad, Karachi, Peshawar, and Quetta. While we offer pricing guidance, feed must be purchased directly from the market.

Poultry Feed Price in Pakistan

Poultry Feed Price List in Pakistan

Feed No. Poultry Feed Type 50kg Bag Max Rate
11 Layer Starter Chicks Crumbs PKR 4,609 PKR 4,814
12 Layer Grower Crumbs PKR 4,609 PKR 4,814
13 Layer Crumbs PKR 4,544 PKR 4,739
13-S Layer Cage Crumbs PKR 4,559 PKR 4,939
14 Broiler Pre Starter Crumbs PKR 4,909 PKR 5,039
14-S Broiler Pre Starter Crumbs (Control) PKR 5,049 PKR 5,079
14-S1 Broiler Grower Crumbs (Control) PKR 4,984 PKR 5,059
14-S2 Broiler Finisher Crumbs (Control) PKR 4,969 PKR 5,009
14-S2 M Broiler Finisher Crumbs (Medicated) PKR 5,034 PKR 5,059
14-S3 M Broiler Finisher Crumbs PKR 5,034 PKR 5,069
15 Broiler Finisher Crumbs PKR 4,959 PKR 5,139
16 Breeder Starter Crumbs PKR 4,784 PKR 4,859
17 Breeder Grower Crumbs PKR 4,764 PKR 4,809
18 Pre Breeder Crumbs PKR 4,784 PKR 5,234
19 Breeder Crumbs PKR 4,784 PKR 4,879

Popular Poultry Feed Brands:

Pakistan offers numerous prominent chicken feed brands. Prices naturally vary across brands. Highly sought-after brands include Asia Poultry Feeds, Paragons, Saffron, and Al-Noor. These brands cater to diverse chicken farming needs with specialized feed products.

  • Asia Poultry Feeds
  • Crystal Feeds Industry
  • Shabbir Feed Mills
  • Jadeed Feeds
  • Chaudhry Feeds
  • JSK Feeds

This is merely a selection of Pakistan’s many available chicken feed brands. Each boasts a distinct range of products formulated for specific chicken requirements. When selecting a brand, prioritizing your chickens’ particular needs ensures optimal outcomes.

Important Note: Bookmark this page for the most up-to-date poultry feed prices in Pakistan. We diligently track market changes to provide accurate chicken feed rates. You can also explore prices for various other commodities on our pricesin.pk website.


Staying informed about poultry feed prices in Pakistan allows you to make informed decisions for your farm’s success. By understanding the current market landscape and the offerings from various brands, you can select the most cost-effective and nutritious feed for your poultry. Remember, a well-balanced diet is paramount for optimal chicken health and growth.


Q: How often do poultry feed prices change in Pakistan?

A: Poultry feed prices can fluctuate depending on various factors, including ingredient costs and market demand. While we strive to update prices regularly, it’s recommended to contact local feed retailers for the most current information.

Q: What are the different types of poultry feed available in Pakistan?

A: Pakistani poultry feed comes in various forms, including mash, crumbles, and pellets. Each type caters to a specific age group or chicken breed.

Q: What factors should I consider when choosing a poultry feed brand?

A: When selecting a poultry feed brand, prioritize the specific needs of your chickens. Consider their age, breed, and any particular health requirements.


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