Top Ten Pakistani Dramas Serials You Must Watch In 2019


List of Top Ten Pakistani Dramas Khaani: Khaani (English: Feminine of Khan) is a 2017 Pakistani drama serial directed by Anjum Shehzad , produced by 7th Sky Entertainment and written by Asma Nabeel. The drama stars Feroze Khan as Mir Hadi and Sana Javed as ‘Khaani’ Sanam Khan in lead roles. The drama was first aired … Read more

Top 10 Pakistani Anchors

akistani news anchors

Media has been a very fast growing institution in Pakistan. The channels seem to be at swords and so are the anchors fighting to find the right and moralistic paths. Here is a list of top 10 Pakistani anchors which is based on likes and their fan following. Top Pakistani anchors are :-  1. KAMRAN … Read more

Top Ten Famous Pakistani Actors

Top 10 Pakistani Actors

Pakistani Drama Industry is full with various versatile handsome and actors, these actors have won hearts of many people through their amazing acting in different dramas and films. We have a list actors that are popular and top rated in present time: Here is list of top 10 Pakistani actors :- 1.Fawad Afzal Khan Fawad Afzal … Read more

Top 10 Pakistani female News Anchors

In the media industry of Pakistan, there is a very tough competition of actors, actresses, journalists as well as among news casters. Top 10 list of Pakistani most beautiful female news anchors :- Quratulain Hassan Quratulain Hassan from Karachi is on the top of the list of most famous female news anchors in Pakistan. She has a … Read more