Aluminum Window Prices in Pakistan: Everything You Need to Know

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Seeking updated information on aluminum window prices in Pakistan? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll cover the different varieties of aluminum windows along with the most recent price estimates.

Aluminum is a versatile material prized for its strength, easy upkeep, and modern look. This makes it a favorite choice for homes and construction projects. If you have a tighter budget, consider investigating wooden windows. Wood often offers a more affordable alternative to glass, especially with the current glass prices in Pakistan on March 4th, 2024.

Aluminum Window Prices  List in Pakistan

Aluminum Brands Price Per Sq Feet Stair Rate
GR Aluminium Rs. 1100 Rs. 180
Master Aluminum Rs. 1250 Rs. 250
Standard Aluminium Rs. 1250 Rs. 300
Chawla Aluminium Rs. 1300 Rs. 160
Standard Aluminium Rs. 1150 Rs. 600

When exploring aluminum windows for your home, understanding the cost implications is important. Prices can fluctuate based on factors like window dimensions, chosen style, and any added features. Aluminum windows undeniably add a touch of elegance to a home, offering a refined upgrade compared to the traditional wood and metal window frames of the past.

Aluminum Window Price in Pakistan

Buying Guide

Before diving into a purchase, there are aspects to consider. This handy buying guide will highlight the key points to keep in mind when selecting your new aluminum windows.

  • Prioritize high-quality aluminum in your window selection. This will directly impact their durability and overall appearance.
  • Carefully decide which style best complements your needs. Consider options like sliding, casement, double-hung, or fixed windows.
  • For optimal performance and extended lifespan, ensure your aluminum windows are installed correctly by skilled professionals.
  • Establish a budget and thoroughly research prices across various suppliers for the most competitive deals.

Aluminum Companies in Pakistan

  • Standard Aluminum
  • Falcon Aluminum
  • Japan Aluminum
  • GR Aluminum
  • Prime Aluminum
  • Chawla Aluminum
  • JeewaJee Aluminum
  • Trade Matrix Aluminum
  • Lucky Aluminum
  • Falcon Aluminum
  • Pak Altech Aluminum

Final Thoughts

Investing in aluminum windows can bring significant value to your home. They offer durability, minimal maintenance requirements, and an attractive aesthetic. When making your decision, carefully weigh the factors such as style, quality, energy efficiency, and of course, cost.


Q: How much do aluminum windows typically cost in Pakistan?

A: Prices vary based on size, style, and supplier. Generally,  you can expect to pay within a range per square foot (insert the usual per square foot cost range from reliable sources).

Q: Are aluminum windows energy-efficient?

A: Modern aluminum windows can be quite energy-efficient, especially when choosing options with double or triple glazing and thermal breaks.

Q: How long do aluminum windows last?

A: With proper installation and care, high-quality aluminum windows can have a lifespan of several decades.

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