Jallo Park Lahore Pakistan

There are numerous lovely places to be found in beautiful city of Pakistan, Lahore but Jallo park Lahore is one of the more fascinating spot in Lahore. Jallo Park was recognized in 1978 in Lahore Pakistan. It is one of the public recreational place. Sometimes it is also called wildlife ZOO and wild life site located in Lahore. It covered an area … Read more


It is true that there are numerous parks in or near Lahore city but safari Park Lahore is one of the most valuable and more usable park in Lahore. Its exact location to be found on Raiwind road near Lahore. Every one can approach it very easily if he has a car. It was established in 1982 by the help … Read more

X Park Lahore

Lahore is one the most lovely city of Pakistan where we can see the several parks and gardens. X PARK There are several park in Lahore which gives its too much attraction also there are many historical places and building like Shahi Qila, Badshahi Mosque.2 But here I am going to describe the one of the most astonishing and stunning park of Lahore which is the x park Lahore. It is true that  X Park is one of the most beautiful park in Lahore.3 There are numerous entertainment facilities are available in this park  such as Go-Karts, ATVs,mini ATVs, Bungee Jumping, Air soft Battle, Buggy single & Double, Zip-line etc. There are different fees for using them which started from 250 to 500 Rs.4
X Park Lahore is situated at 6 KM from Bedian Road, DHA Phase 5,  Lahore, Pakistan. You can speak to X Park Lahore member with cell  number +92 331 9727500.



X Park is a family leisure and enjoyment park located in Lahore, Pakistan. The park timing is  5:00 PM  –  12:00 AM from Monday  to Friday and on weekends it is open at  i 05:00 PM and close at  01:00 AM.
4There are various sort of games activities available for all age groups, for  kids and for young, for middle aged and above. Everyone can get pleasure from the motor sport and other pleasure park classic amusement activities.


One can without difficulty become the everlasting member of the park. By becoming the member one can get the large advantages like he can carry his own motorbike 7on the racing bike tracks and can practice the sports activities and will obtain special treatment from the management.  X Park offers the learning opportunities for its members in various kind of games activities.

Location of x park on google map


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Bilal park Lahore

If we talk about the cities of Pakistan with the most astonishing places, the city of Lahore would be the first city of pakistan. Even though there are some well-known enjoyable spaces in some other most important cities of Pakistan, but while it comes to Lahore the amusing places establish here other than food spots … Read more

Race course Park Lahore

Lahore is one of the most beautiful and gorgeous city of Pakistan. There are a lot of places in Lahore that persuade the tourists for visiting, Places like Shahi Qila Lahore, Shalimar garden, X Park Lahore, etc. There are a lot of amusing places for all age groups. Race course park is one of the most beautiful park … Read more

Ladies park lahore

It is generally accepted that Lahore is one of the most beautiful city of Pakistan where every one see the number of historical places ,beautiful parks and garden. It is the city of gardens and parks. Lahore theme park is one the most famous park in Lahore. Ladies Park (Park) is located at Marghzar Colony, Lahore, Pakistan. It … Read more

Iqbal Park Lahore

Lahore is the second leading city in Pakistan and the 18th most populous city in the world. There are a lot of parks and garden in beautiful city that persuade the tourists for visiting. Here I would like clarified the one of the most historical place of Lahore which is Iqbal Park Lahore. No doubt, The Iqbal Park is a big park and … Read more