Ziarat Marble Price in Pakistan: Guide, Types, and Quality Tips

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Since its discovery in 1981, Ziarat marble has become a symbol of Pakistani pride. This natural stone is prized for its beautiful white color, exceptional strength, and affordability. Found in vast deposits within Balochistan, Ziarat marble is expertly transformed into stunning slabs, floor tiles, and wall tiles, enhancing spaces across the nation.

Ziarat Marble Pricing in Pakistan (2024)

The cost of Ziarat marble in Pakistan varies based on the quality and size of the stone. Expect to pay between 60 and 800 Pakistani rupees per square foot, with higher quality and larger slabs being more expensive. Remember to factor in additional costs like transportation and installation when budgeting for your project.

Marble Type Floor Rate Stair Rate Kitchen Rate
Tavera Rs. 90 Rs. 180 Rs. 350
Badal Rs. 70 Rs. 250 Rs. 350
Sunny white Rs. 110 Rs. 300 Rs. 300
Sunny Grey Rs. 68 Rs. 160 Rs. 220
Ziarat Supreme white Rs. 350 Rs. 600 Rs. 1200
Ziarat white Rs. 350 Rs. 500 Rs. 800
Ziarat Grey Rs. 85 Rs. 270 Rs. 350
China Verona Rs. 200 Rs. 400 Rs. 650
Botticina Fancy Rs. 170 Rs. 250 Rs. 350
Flower Rs. 60 Rs. 70 Rs. 85
Zebra Rs. 85 Rs. 250 Rs. 450
Silky Black Rs. 75 Rs. 180 Rs. 400
Black and Gold Rs. 450 Rs. 280 Rs. 480
strawberry Red Rs. 150 Rs. 270 Rs. 450
Strawberry pink Rs. 120 Rs. 400 Rs. 600

Ziarat Marble Price in Pakistan

Checking Ziarat Marble Quality Before Purchase

A few simple checks can help you ensure you’re getting the best quality Ziarat marble for your needs:

  • Thickness: Verify that the marble slab or tile has a consistent thickness throughout. Uneven thickness may indicate a lower-quality cut.
  • Dimensions: Measure the length and width carefully. Precise dimensions ensure easier installation and a more seamless appearance.
  • Surface: Examine the surface closely for any cracks, chips, or significant scratches. Smooth, unblemished surfaces are a sign of superior quality.
  • Water Absorption: Conduct a water drop test. Place a few drops on the marble’s surface. If the water is absorbed quickly, it indicates higher porosity, which may make the marble more susceptible to staining.

Types of Marble Commonly Used in Pakistan

  1. China Verona (Parlino Marble): This imported marble is known for its durability and elegant appearance. Look for fewer crystals to indicate higher quality. Also called Parlino or Verona beige marble.
  2. Ziarat Grey Marble: A premium, expensive option, recognized by its distinct grey coloring.
  3. Ziarat Supreme White Marble: The most sought-after marble from Pakistan, treasured for its pure white color. Found in Balochistan, it’s ideal for both interior and exterior applications. Sometimes called Super white or Balochistan marble.
  4. Tavera Marble: An affordable beige marble, also sourced from Balochistan. Look for alternative names like Tavera beige or Travera cream marble.
  5. Botticino Marble: A beautiful choice for flooring with its refined look.
  6. Sunny White Marble: Popular for its bright white color, readily available in the market.
  7. Sunny Grey Marble: A more affordable alternative to Sunny White, this Buner marble is excellent for stairs.
  8. Badal Marble: Locally quarried, Badal Grey marble is known for its unique blend of grey, silver, and white or black patterns. Search for it under names like Badal Abbot marble, Mad White, or Ziarat Badal.
  9. Black and Gold Marble (Michael Angelo): This striking marble features white, brown, and gold textures, enhanced by a smooth finish.

Editor Thoughts

Choosing the right marble for your project is an important investment. With options ranging from imported varieties to locally sourced treasures, there’s a perfect marble out there for every budget and aesthetic. By understanding the different types, their characteristics, and performing simple quality checks, you can ensure that your marble project will bring lasting beauty and satisfaction.

FAQs: Ziarat Marble and Marble in Pakistan

  • Where can I buy Ziarat marble?
    • Reputable marble suppliers and stone fabricators are your best bet. Look for those that specialize in Pakistani marbles. Check online directories and seek recommendations.
  • Is Ziarat marble suitable for outdoor use?
    • Ziarat Supreme White is particularly well-suited for both interior and exterior applications due to its durability and weather resistance. Other types of Ziarat might be more porous, so it’s best to consult with your supplier about specific uses.
  • How do I care for Ziarat marble?
    • Proper sealing is essential to protect Ziarat marble from stains. Use mild, pH-neutral cleaners specifically designed for natural stone. Avoid harsh chemicals. Coasters and placemats will protect your countertops or tabletops.
  • Is Ziarat marble more expensive than other Pakistani marbles?
    • Yes, Ziarat marble, especially the Supreme White variety, is generally considered the most premium and therefore more expensive marble from Pakistan.
  • How can I tell if Ziarat marble is genuine?
    • Always buy from reputable suppliers. Examine the marble closely for its characteristic appearance (refer to your article’s descriptions). If possible, try comparing it to a verified sample of Ziarat marble.
  • What other types of marble are popular in Pakistan?
    • Pakistan offers a wide variety of marble. Some popular options include China Verona, Tavera, Sunny White, Sunny Grey, Botticino, Badal, and Black and Gold.

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