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In Pakistani agriculture, the name ATS Tractor resonates with quality, durability and because of ATS tractor price in Pakistan. With a legacy built on innovation and farmer-centric design, ATS has become synonymous with reliable farm machinery. Today we explore the prices, features, and specifications that make ATS Tractors a top choice for farmers across the nation.

Understanding the ATS Lineup

ATS Tractors cater to diverse farming needs through a range of meticulously engineered models. The price of an ATS Tractor in Pakistan is influenced by the specific model, any additional features, and dealer location. Let’s look at some of their popular offerings:

ATS Tractor Price in Pakistan (2024)

ATS Tractor prices in Pakistan typically fall within the range of 2,889,000 to 4,195,000 Pakistani Rupees, depending on the chosen model and specifications. It’s essential to factor in your budget and any specific features you require when making your decision.

ATS Tractor Price in Pakistan

ATS Tractor Models: Tailored for Your Needs

ATS currently offers four core tractor models, each providing farmers with distinct benefits:

  1. ATS-290 Manual: This powerhouse boasts an 82 HP engine, ensuring ample power for various agricultural tasks. Its efficient water-cooling system and 12-inch dual-clutch technology promise smooth operation. With a lifting capacity of 2150 kg, it handles heavy workloads effortlessly.
  2. ATS-290 Power Assist: Designed for enhanced maneuverability, this model adds power-assisted steering to the ATS-290’s robust capabilities. Navigating fields becomes less physically demanding, while the 82 HP engine guarantees reliable performance.
  3. ATS-290 Special (Hydro Static): This model prioritizes ease of use with its hydrostatic transmission, allowing for seamless gear shifts. The 82 HP engine and 67 HP PTO system provide the necessary power to drive a variety of farm equipment.
  4. ATS-290 Special (4 x 4): Built for challenging terrain, this model delivers superior traction and stability through its four-wheel-drive system. Its 82 HP engine, 67 HP PTO, and 2150 kg lifting capacity ensure unwavering performance, even in demanding conditions.

Features That Set ATS Tractors Apart

Let’s take a closer look at the features that contribute to the efficiency and dependability of ATS Tractors:

  • Engine Power: Each ATS model comes with a potent 82 HP engine, utilizing the trusted 440 TN (A4.248) design for long-lasting performance.
  • Fuel Efficiency: A generous 87-liter fuel tank minimizes refueling downtime, allowing for longer work sessions.
  • Enhanced Steering: Select models offer power-assisted steering, reducing operator fatigue and increasing control.
  • PTO Versatility: With a maximum PTO power of 67 HP at 2200 RPM, ATS Tractors seamlessly integrate with pumps, generators, and other farm implements.
  • Lifting Power: A maximum lift capacity of 2150 kg means handling heavy loads with ease.
  • Efficient Transmission: The smooth transmission system, featuring 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, facilitates tailored operation for various tasks.
  • Speed: Reach speeds of up to 30 km/h (forward) and 14.50 km/h (reverse) for faster field work.
  • Traction: High-quality tires ensure reliable grip in diverse conditions.
  • Reliable Power: A 12-volt 110 Ah battery provides dependable starts and powers onboard equipment.

The ATS Advantage: Built for Pakistani Farmers

ATS Tractors are a smart investment for Pakistani farmers seeking dependable, cost-effective solutions. Their versatile models, powerful engines, practical features, and long lifespan cater perfectly to the demands of Pakistani agriculture. By choosing ATS, farmers can focus on what matters most – cultivating a successful harvest.

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