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CPLC Lahore is a nonpolitical Committee, operating under the Government to assist the overall Public in
regard with the Police regarding count and applicable matters, additionally with the opposite regulation
imposing issues. CPLC is being designed through the Home Department, Govt of g Punjab through
maintaining in thoughts that this committee is formulated that each citizen will take part on this
committee and paintings for the betterment of Police and residents relationships.


CPLC consists of eminent residents, former participants of the judiciary, former member of the Armed
Forces, retired Civil servants, Industrialists Chamber of Commerce, Journalists, women, minorities. Here
is the modern member list, whish’s operating voluntarily.

How to do Cplc mobile check

• To Verify Mobile Phone popularity with CPLC Mobile Check:
1. Verify your cellular IMEI through sending SMS on 8484
2. Do now no longer buy any stolen cellular mobile phone first confirm its IMEI
3. Verify popularity of your misplaced or can be stolen cellular thru its IMEI
4. To confirm IMEI thru CPLC
5. To confirm IMEI thru PTA

The pleasant approach of operating approach of CPLC cellular verification 2022 is:
Dial *#06# and observe down the IMEI range proven at the mobile phone screen.
• Check CPLC to confirm the IMEI range of used mobiles earlier than purchasing.
• The Database of CPLC carries greater than million data of International Mobile Equipment Identity
(IMEI) of mobile telephones which might be both snatched or stolen with inside the beyond decade.
• CPLC Helpline for Complaint range is as follow:
• If cellular is misplaced or stolen, name CPLC & inform that IMEI No.
• CPLC Contact No’s: 021-35662222 and 021-35682222
• CPLC Helpline: 1102
How to do Cplc mobile check

Most people apprehend that the generation revolution in Pakistan has performed a really critical
component in forcing us in a society wherein all of us accept as true with incomplete without our
smartphones. The use of social media and the Internet on our smartphones has significantly altered the
manner wherein we live, communicate, and paintings. We in reality sense sad while our cellular mobile
phone were given stolen or misplaced somewhere. In case your phone has been stolen, both misplaced
and falsified, you're successful to record a criticism the usage of the Pakistan Telecommunication
Authority. PTA gets the IMEI block in your stolen mobile phone as quickly as you release a criticism.

How to Check the IMEI of your mobile Phone in 2022

• Procedure to check:
• By dialing *#06# in your mobile dial pad
• It’s posted at the tool box
• Go to settings > approximately mobile phone click on Status after which IMEI Information.
Unwean the again cowl and battery of your mobile mobile phone. There are IMEI in the Battery
compartment handiest beneficial for transportable telephones with detachable battery option.

For IOS Devices visit Settings click on General then on approximately

All of the above-defined strategies can assist you to block your misplaced or stolen mobiles. At any time
while such an unsightly episode happens to you personally, then you definitely advised filing a criticism
as quick as you in all likelihood can. As an end result of blocking, no one can abuse the information to be
had in your cellular mobile phone. You would possibly handiest breathe a sigh of remedy due to the fact
it’s retain to preserve your facts secure and noise, that is very reasonably-priced and beneficial

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