Fiat 640 Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024 | Specifications Details

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In the vast agricultural landscape of Pakistan, the Fiat 640 tractor enjoys a strong reputation for its reliable performance and cost-effectiveness for farmers with sizeable landholdings we will figure out the latest Fiat 640 tractor Price in Pakistan. Powered by a robust 75-horsepower engine, it provides the strength necessary for diverse farming operations. Let’s explore the features, specifications, and current price of the Fiat 640 tractor to understand why it’s a compelling choice for many Pakistani farmers.

The 640’s popularity stems from its combination of mechanical strength and operator comfort. The comfortable operator station and easy-to-use controls reduce fatigue during long workdays. Additionally, its hydraulically assisted power steering simplifies maneuvering, making it an all-around user-friendly workhorse.

Fiat 640 Tractor: Pricing in Pakistan (2024)

Fiat 640 Tractor Price in Pakistan

Pricing for the Fiat 640 varies based on its condition, model year, and where you buy it. However, a well-maintained used Fiat 640 typically falls within the range of Rs. 2,865,000 to Rs. 3,082,000.

Tractor Model Horsepower Old Prices New Prices
Fiat 640 Tractor 75 HP Rs. 3,082,000 Rs. 3,325,000

Key Features of the Fiat 640

Let’s delve into why the Fiat 640 has become a go-to for many farmers:

  • Engine and Transmission: The 75-horsepower engine delivers substantial power for demanding agricultural tasks. An 8-speed synchronized transmission helps operators adjust seamlessly to varying field conditions.
  • Hydraulic System: With a strong 2,250 kg hydraulic lift, the Fiat 640 makes light work of tillage and implements operation.
  • Economy: The Fiat 640 is known for its fuel efficiency, helping farmers maximize output while minimizing fuel costs, which translates to long-term savings.
  • Versatile PTO: Easily adapt the Fiat 640 to multiple tasks thanks to its versatile Power Take-Off (PTO), driving a range of farm implements efficiently.

The Bottom Line

The Fiat 640 tractor provides Pakistani farmers with a dependable and economical solution. If you manage a sizable agricultural operation, its blend of power, adaptability, and affordability is worth serious consideration. By understanding the features and pricing of the Fiat 640, you’ll be equipped to make an informed decision that benefits your farm.

Answers to Common Questions

  • Is the Fiat 640 a good choice for smaller farms? Yes, while its power is beneficial for larger farms, its adaptability makes it a solid option for smaller operations as well.
  • What affects the price of a used Fiat 640? Its overall condition, the year it was manufactured, and the seller’s location are all determining factors.
  • Is the Fiat 640 compatible with various farm tools? Yes, it works with a variety of agricultural implements, increasing its usefulness across different farming activities.
  • Does the Fiat 640’s power steering make a difference? Yes, it significantly reduces operator effort, particularly when making frequent turns.
  • Can I find financing for a Fiat 640 purchase? Many tractor dealers and banks in Pakistan offer financing plans, making this tractor accessible to more farmers.

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