Fiat Tractor 480 Price in Pakistan: 2024 Pricing and Value for Pakistani Farmers

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Farmers and agricultural stakeholders in Pakistan often turn their attention to the versatile Fiat 480 Tractor and look for the Fiat 480 Tractor price in Pakistan. We aim to provide a comprehensive look at the tractor’s price, specifications, key advantages, and its role in the Pakistani agricultural landscape. Whether you’re actively seeking a tractor or simply interested in market trends, this guide offers valuable insights.

Fiat Tractor 480 Price in Pakistan

Understanding the Fiat 480: An Essential Tool

Before exploring pricing, let’s understand what the Fiat 480 brings to the table. This 2WD tractor boasts a robust 48-horsepower engine known for its impressive fuel economy and low maintenance requirements. Features like adjustable rear wheels, power steering (optional), and oil-immersed disc brakes further enhance its usability. The Fiat 480 is adaptable to plowing, harvesting, tilling, and various other agricultural tasks.

Interestingly, some farmers successfully use a compatible corn planter attachment with the Fiat 480, further boosting its utility.”

Price Expectations for the Fiat 480 in Pakistan

Several factors influence the cost, but buyers can generally expect to pay between PKR 1,000,000 and PKR 2,000,000 for a Fiat 480 tractor in Pakistan. Let’s examine what contributes to this price range.

Factors That Shape the Fiat 480’s Price

  • Location: Prices may fluctuate across Pakistan due to transportation costs or regional demand.
  • Dealer: Each dealer has its pricing structure, and some may run occasional promotions.
  • Condition: Expect variations based on the tractor’s age and overall wear and tear.
  • Market Demand: High demand for the Fiat 480 could lead to slightly increased prices.

Where to Find Your Fiat 480 in Pakistan

You have options when buying a Fiat 480 in Pakistan. Consider authorized dealerships or trusted online platforms like Pak Wheels. Prioritize thorough research and price comparisons to ensure you secure the best deal possible.

The Fiat 480’s Benefits for Pakistani Farmers

This tractor’s popularity stems from its clear advantages:

  • Fuel Efficiency: Farmers can significantly reduce fuel costs with the Fiat 480.
  • Affordability: Maintenance is straightforward, minimizing long-term expenses.
  • Power: The 48-horsepower engine delivers the muscle needed for demanding tasks.
  • Adaptability: This tractor handles a wide spectrum of agricultural activities.

Fiat 480 Specifications

The Fiat 480 is a popular choice for farmers and offers a blend of power and affordability for their daily agricultural needs. Due to its robust diesel engine, reliable transmission, and hydraulic system, it provides the strength necessary for operations like lifting and positioning implements. Additional features such as power steering and disc brakes provide ease of use, and durable tires and ample ground clearance ensure it can perform in challenging landscapes. This tractor has been favored around the globe for tackling various farming operations.

The Bottom Line on the Fiat 480

The Fiat 480’s balance of power, user-friendliness, and dependability speaks to its success in Pakistan. Current prices (Rs. 1,898,000 – Rs. 2,400,000) are subject to the factors mentioned earlier. This makes informed decision-making vital for farmers.

Seek reputable dealers or marketplaces for quality assurance and fair pricing. Always carefully inspect the tractor’s condition to match the price and your requirements.


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