Guitar price in Pakistan

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Shopping for your first instrument should be the initial step in a lifelong journey of learning and inspiration. It can also be confusing because all musical instruments come in so many different makes and models. Guitar price in Pakistanis Rs. 3,999 and estimated average price is Rs. 4,100

If you are buying your first guitar, you will face choices like what size guitar to buy, deciding between an acoustic or electric, or whether to invest in a new or used instrument. There are a few general categories of guitar that are very popular. These styles have very different sound and playability characteristics. Deciding the style of which guitar to buy in advance will help narrow down your choices considerably.
Guitar price in Pakistan


Some of these types of guitars are very interesting and they vary based on their design, sound produced, and playing techniques. There are certainly a number of different types of guitars out there. The most common type, the one we picture in our head when someone mentions the word guitar. It is present in almost every genre of popular music and even though there are some variations regarding shape, all of them are characterized by steel strings and the same group of tone woods that are used. All acoustic guitars work in the same way. Once one of the strings is plucked, the string vibration goes through the bridge to the top, side, and back wood of the body, and then resonates through the air inside the body, making the sound.

Acoustic guitars are usually made from tone woods like spruce, mahogany, ebony, etc. Of course, each material uniquely impacts the sound but, generally, acoustic guitars are characterized by bright and precise tone, especially in higher frequencies. Electric guitars were designed for jazz players and the reason is quite obvious. In a big band full of brass instruments, it’s impossible to be loud enough with an acoustic guitar, especially when you play a single-note solo. So, amplification was the solution.

The way electric guitar works is different compared to acoustic guitars. The body is made from a solid piece of wood, so there is no resonator box. Instead, string vibrations are picked up by pickups, which turn the sound into an electrical signal, which is reproduced as sound by loudspeakers. Electric guitars are also characterized by thin and comfortable necks, which allow unparalleled playability, especially for single-note soloing. As you may presume, there are numerous types of electric guitars out there. A bass guitar can be either electric or acoustic, though the electric bass guitar is more common. Compared to other guitar types, it usually features four stings, though we can find five or six string bass models. This guitar is notably bigger and features a longer scale, which allows the use of thicker strings that can be tuned in a much lower, bass tonal range. Resonator guitars were originally designed to be louder than acoustic guitars to help guitar players in large orchestras. Later, this problem was solved with electric guitars and amplification, so they were almost forgotten. However, the distinctive sound of resonator guitars remained popular in certain music genres, particularly bluegrass, folk, etc.

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