Heavy bike price in Pakistan

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Heavy bikes are considered to be the most powerful bikes in Pakistan and you will find them very useful in hilly areas where not only men but women also ride heavy bikes. Prices of heavy bikes in Pakistan can vary depending on the features of the bike. Heavy bike price in Pakistan starts from 16 lac up to 20 lacs. Heavy bike price in Pakistan has no comparison as it’s almost 50% cheaper than USA, Australia and Canada while having excellent performance with superb features.

Introduction to heavy bikes

Heavy bikes are not as common here in Pakistan. Despite that, there are a lot of heavy bikes enthusiasts who love to ride heavy bikes for recreation or for fitness. If you are considering buying a heavy bike for your own personal use, then the prices of these bikes is something that you need to consider. Heavy bikes can be expensive depending on the model that you choose but with proper research and knowledge about the various models available on the market, choosing one should not be too difficult.

Why choose heavy bikes

Heavy bikes are built to be durable and stable. This makes them ideal for cycling on a variety of terrains as well as for carrying heavier loads. Heavy bikes offer many advantages over other types of bicycles: they are more comfortable to ride, can carry heavier loads, and have greater stability so you’re less likely to be thrown off the bike by a bump or pothole in the road.

List of best heavy bikes price in Pakistan

Honda CBR 500: Price in Pakistan is PKR 1,260,000
honda cbr 500r heavy bike


Suzuki Intruder: Price in Pakistan is PKR 1,700,000
suzuki intruder


Kawasaki Ninja ZX: 14R Price in Pakistan is PKR 1,110,700
Kawasaki Ninja ZX 14R


BMW K 1200 S: Price in Pakistan is PKR 1,940,620
BMW K 1200 S


Benefits of riding through heavy bike

Riding a heavy bike is not only good for your health but it also saves you money on gas. Heavy bikes are easy to maintain and have parts that last longer than most bikes. If you ride a heavy bike you can avoid traffic jams. Riding a heavy bike will keep the environment cleaner because there is less carbon emissions compared to driving your car. The best thing about riding a heavy bike is the exercise it provides; riding a heavy bike will burn more calories than walking or running at the same speed.

Benefits of heavy bike in Pakistan

Heavy bikes are not just for men. Women too can enjoy the thrill of riding a heavy bike. Heavy bikes are also great for off-road cycling as they have strong suspension and durable frames. Other than their high prices heavy bikes come with many benefits that make them worth the investment!
1) These motorcycles offer riders a sense of empowerment because they are designed to be ridden at higher speeds which makes them more maneuverable and exciting.
2) These motorcycles provide more control while going over obstacles because they have lower center gravity meaning less chance of getting flipped over.
3) Heavy bikes do not require constant maintenance like other motorcycles do which saves time and money!
4) They are environmentally friendly unlike other motorcycle types because there is no exhaust or smoke produced by the engine.

Warranty of heavy bike in Pakistan

Company guarantee the heavy bikes with a lifetime warranty. Heavy bikes are designed to last for many years so if there is any issue with it we will send out an expert to make the necessary repairs or adjustments at no cost to the customer.
The only country where these guarantees are offered is in Pakistan because our commitment is to provide you with a product that lasts. We want you to have peace of mind while enjoying your new purchase.

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