How to Know SIM Owner Name In Pakistan

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How to Know the SIM Owner Name in Pakistan? The SIM card has been an essential part of our lives and it allows us to stay connected with loved ones even from a distant location. But do you know who the owner of the SIM card is? How can you find out the name of your SIM’s owner?  There are many different types of SIM cards in Pakistan and it is quite easy to know their owner’s name. This article will help you that how to know the owner’s name of the SIM card without any difficulty. Here are some simple steps to know the SIM card owner’s name in Pakistan.

By Mobile:

To check the owner’s name from your SIM, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Write ‘MNP’ in the SMS Section
  2. Type “667” from your SIM number
  3. Send the text message
  4. Wait for around 15-20 sec and send another message

The cost of texting this message is PKR 2.46. This method is for all SIM Networks in Pakistan.

Details you’ll get:

This will help you to look up the SIM owner name. Simply send a blank SMS (or anything if your phone doesn’t allow blank messages) to 667 and get the owner’s name and CNIC number of the owner of the SIM card in return. The system will send a reply SMS to your phone with the information required.

How to Check SIM Owner Name Online?

You can check the SIM owner’s name and number with the help of various Android apps and software. These Apps are developed by security experts and they have been tested by some of the best mobile companies in Pakistan. These Apps actually provide the Best & trusted services to the public people and they are also providing Mobile number verification services online. You can try these Apps if you have a problem with your mobile number.
How to Check SIM Owner Name Online?

Check SIM Owner Name through Mobile Apps:

SIM Owner Name is a simple and free app that allows you to easily access the SIM details of the SIM holder. This will help you verify the information provided by the SIM holder online. SIM Owner Name is available for both Android and iPhone users and it is a mobile security app that allows you to use a security code to verify the SIM details of SIM holders. After installation, you can start using this mobile application for checking SIM owner details online. SIM Owner Name will make your life easy as it allows you to look up all your contacts with their SIM details in just one click. This app gives you complete access to the data of your contacts and it has a very simple user interface. You can easily use this app on your Android or iPhone device without any hassle and within minutes.

The best way to find out who is using the SIM you are using is by sending “MNP” to 667. You will get the name and CNIC number of the particular SIM you are using. This can be helpful for you in many ways – it saves time of you, it also helps you in finding out which network provider is providing that number, and it also helps you in knowing if the number is stolen or not.
Check SIM Owner Name through Mobile Apps


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