How to Register Your Mobile Phone with the PTA in Pakistan

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How to register your mobile phone with PTA in Pakistan? If you’re a resident of Pakistan, it’s important to be aware that the government has certain regulations in place that you need to follow in order to stay out of trouble.  One of these regulations involves registering your mobile phone number with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). This authority was set up by the government in the 1980s and currently manages all the telecommunications, broadcasting, and internet services within Pakistan’s borders.

How to Register Your Mobile Phone with the PTA in Pakistan

What is PTA?

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is an independent statutory body that regulates and oversees the telecommunication sector. They offer a number of services for both citizens and companies, including registering a new mobile phone with them. To register your mobile phone with PTA, you will need to fill out a form, provide ID documents and pay some fees.

Where to get yourself registered

You can register your mobile phone with PTA by following these steps:
1) Visit any of the customer service centers (CSC) of PTA.
2) Bring your CNIC and a photocopy of it.
3) Fill out an application form and submit it along with your original copy of CNIC, a photocopy, and two passport photos.
4) Pay Rs. 100 as registration fee for each SIM card you wish to register.

The documents you need to register your mobile phone with PTA 

  1. A copy of your NIC (National Identity Card) or any valid ID card from a recognized educational institute.
    2. A copy of your passport, if applicable.
    3. The bill from your last monthly payment from your mobile phone company.

Where can I go for assistance?

Please be advised that you can register your mobile phone with the PTA at any post office, or online. You will need to provide a copy of your CNIC and a copy of your NICOP. If you are unable to provide these documents, please contact any branch of the post office nearest you and they will be able to assist you.

Important links you should have

In order to register a mobile phone number with the Public Telecom Authority (PTA), you will need either a CNIC or an NADRA card.
You will also need your mobile’s IMEI number, which is usually found printed on the back of your handset.
It’s best if you have all of these things before you start so that registration is quick and easy.

why it is important to register your mobile phone with PTA?

Register your mobile phone with PTA is an important step for many reasons. It’s a way for you to protect your personal information if your phone is ever lost or stolen and it lets you track the location of your device through GPS. In addition, if you’re on an international trip, registering your phone can help safeguard against roaming charges. Register your mobile phone with PTA doesn’t take much time or money, so take a few minutes now and register with us!

PTA mobile registration online check

If you are a resident of Pakistan, getting your mobile phone registered with the PTA (Pakistan Telecommunications Authority) is mandatory. Failure to do so will result in fines and penalties. The process is pretty simple, but you should keep these steps in mind when registering: Registering your device online is recommended because it saves you time and money. However, if you don’t have an internet connection or computer at home, you can register your phone at any PTA office or by visiting their website. To register for PSTN services like voice calls and SMS messages, all you need to do is fill out a form with your name and mobile number on it. Once that’s done, the agent will ask for a copy of your ID card and proof that shows where you live. After this step, they’ll give you your SIM card right away!

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