How to Share Balance from Telenor to Jazz

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In every family and circle of friends, there are times when one or more persons face a shortage of balance while they require recharge and can not avail it because of some reason. Well, if you have the same situation, then Telenor has developed an application called Smart Share which will help you share balance easily with your family and friends so that they can recharge their balance and get communication at any time they need to stay in touch with each other in real-time. Telenor also gives this facility to its customers who use Jazz as their service provider as well.

Telenor Balance Transfer Procedure: 

This facility is a good thing for those who have balance in their numbers and are willing to transfer it to others. This will give you an option of transferring your balance amount directly without going via recharge and therefore you can help your near or dear ones get connected with the most convenient rates with ease. This also helps them as they don’t need money or a bank account while they are not at home/office.
How to Share Balance from Telenor to Jazz

  • Dial *1*1*923xxxxxxxx*Amount# and press the send button
  • Then Press 1 to confirm the balance share.
  • After sending the balance the sender and receiver both will receive a confirmation message from the Telenor.
  • You can share a minimum balance of Rs. 21 and a maximum of Rs. 199
  • You can share smart balance 10 times a day.

Term & Conditions: 

  • This facility is available for every Telenor user.
  • You may lone lead cash simply on Zong sims.
  • There will be little bit charges for sharing of balance.
  • You can share a balance between Rs. 20 to Rs. 200.
  • Individuals who want to share their balance can avail sharing facility under 10 times a day.


Telenor provides its clients with a powerful tool called Smart share in which they can easily share balance with their friends and family. It is simple, quick, and reliable. With just one click you can transfer your balance to any of your friends or family members. So, if you have some extra balance then don’t wait and give it away by sharing through smart share.

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