How to Transfer Balance from Zong to Jazz

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How to transfer the balance from one sim to another? If you use this service, your phone number and SIM card should be the same. It is required to send an SMS to the given number. This call will bring the system to a decision on whether you are connecting the balance from 1 sim card to a different one.
Here are some important things which you should know when you utilize this service:
The balance from your 1st sim is to be transferred to alternative sim also make sure that alternative SIM has balance.
The Balance Listed in your 1st Sim will be transferred into alternative SIM.
You must make sure that alternative SIM has sufficient balance to transfer it into another person’s account.

Transfer Balance from Jazz

Jazz Balance Share is a convenient, flexible, and easy service that lets users share balances of any amount ranging from Rs.15 to Rs.500. This service guarantees that you are always connected and in touch with your friends and family. It is a unique feature that makes you able to check up on your payment details so easily without having to wait for them to call you. As a user, Jazz Balance Share gives you access and freedom to take full control of your bank account by providing all the services with more security and convenience at an affordable price. The fee for Jazz Balance Share is mentioned in the payment options that are given to the user. It is surely going to be an affordable service for everyone who would like to have access to his/her account information anytime and anywhere through Jazz Balance Share.
How to Transfer Balance from Zong to Jazz


  • Dial *100*03XXXXX*amount#
  • Rs 6.56 (incl. tax)/Transaction will be charged
  • Max Share Limits 500/Transaction
  • Max amount transferred per day is Rs.500

Transfer Zong Balance:

Zong Balance Share is a prepaid recharge service for Zong’s customers. You can recharge your Zong Balance Share with money from your mobile. Zong Balance Share allows you to transfer money from your mobile to another mobile (receiver’s) and to receive money from another mobile. Balance Share is only for prepaid customers. (Both sender and receiver must be Prepaid customers). The minimum transferable amount is 10 rupees and the maximum amount is 200. The customer must have at least 5 rupees in balance.


  • Dial *828# for Balance Transfer
  • Dial *829# for Balance Request

Term & Conditions:

  • Advance Income Tax rate of 15% applies
  • FED of 19.5% will be applied on usage where applicable.
  • General Sales Tax of 19.5% will be applied on usage (if applicable).
  • Both Parties need to be prepaid customers.
  • Both Parties should be allowed on relevant service classes & not be Data SIM.
  • Balance receiver can receive requests for Jazz share only 5 times a day

Most of the time these sims have in-built balances which are available for their customers to use them. Now you can save money with this wonderful service. The balance that you saved on your sim card will help your friends, family, or anyone if they will require it.


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