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Customers don’t know how to unsubscribe all jazz packages. They even do not know how to remove all packages from Jazz or cancel all packages and deactivate the jazz cash account due to lack of knowledge but there are codes that have to be remembered. Due to this, the company continues minting money from the customers if they are not free of cost.

In Pakistan, how to unsubscribe jazz package a large portion of the population is illiterate, and cannot remember codes from jazz provided and even they cannot read the names of their contacts in the menu of mobile phones. Even, they do not know how to deactivate the jazz cash account after its subscription. They don’t know how to unsubscribe from Jazz packages.

Many customers complain that their balance expires even after they don’t make too many calls or avail of other services.

How to unsubscribe jazz advance:

Jazz Advance offers to provide advance of Rs.15 subject if you have a balance of less than Rs.100

There is also a way to unsubscribe from Jazz advance. Dial *112*4# to unsubscribe from jazz advance service.

The company has several packages like Bajao daily offer; Jazz tv etc. customers can’t unsub from and become victims of losing their balance.
how to unsubscribe jazz package

Deactivate all jazz services:

You can also unsubscribe or unsub from all jazz packages. Jazz has offered services to deactivate the Jazz packages. To deactivate or un-subscribe them, the users can type ‘unsub’ and send a message to 6611 in this regard. This can also help generate Dekho daily jazz offer unsubscribe code to deactivate the service.

It is a common practice in the telecom sector to offer a package like a jazz cash account to attract users. But many people don’t know how to deactivate these packages. It is a matter of concern for the customers who are using them. You can watch live TV channels and popular drama shows on Jazz TV on a Mobile TV application.

  • Jazz TV offers over 60+ live TV channels, 400+ Titles, and 5000+ Episodes to watch on your favorite TV channels.
  • It offers 7 Days Free Trial. Then users will have to pay Rs.8 per Day and 30 per week or 100/Month.

Users can download Jazz TV on the Play Store for Android and App Store for Apple devices.

Jazz provides monthly offers at Rs 100,

How to unsubscribe from Jazz TV:

How can you get Jazz TV to unsubscribe code, for this purpose, you will have to ‘unsub’ in an order to send unsubscribe message to service number 6611.

Jazz Gameloft unsubscribe code:

You can type “Stop” and send it to 88000. You can also type SMS “Stop” and send it to 84149 for

Gameloft Unsubscribe on Jazz SIM.

  • Charges will apply Rs 10 per day and Rs 25 weekly.
  • There are three methods to unsubscribe code.
  • You can deactivate Gameloft via SMS
  • Unsubscribe via Email
  • Unsub through the official website of Jazz
  • Unsubscribe Via SMS: “stop” to 88000

How to unsubscribe jazz tube:

If you want to unsubscribe from Jazz tube, then type ‘unsub ‘and send it to 6611.

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