Islamabad/Rawalpindi To Karachi Trains And Ticket Prices

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Now traveling from Rawalpindi to Karachi is become easier with 5 different trains, Karachi is the major city of Pakistan and the economic power is due to many peoples are travelling from Islamabad to Karachi continuously. These trains are traveling but not same fares and class of travel, all trains having different fares along the travelling class. Below is the list of train fares and timing for this journey,
Islamabad/Rawalpindi To Karachi Trains And Ticket Prices

Train Name Departure Time Fares
Fares (AC Lower) Fares (AC Sleeper) Fares (AC Business) Destination Arrival time
Awam Express 1:05 PM Rs: 1,370/- Rs: 3,530/- Not Available Not Available 6:35 PM
Tezgam 8:00 AM Rs: 1,410/- Rs: 3,700/- Rs: 6,190/- Rs: 4,600/- 9:55 AM
Pakistan Express 6:00 AM Rs: 1,370/- Not Available Not Available Not Available 7:10 AM
Khyber Mail 1:50 AM Rs: 1,370/- Rs: 3,530/- Rs: 6,190/- Rs: 4,390/- 5:15 AM
Green Line 3:40 PM Not Available Not Available Not Available Rs: 6,290/- 12:50 PM

Tickets for these trains can be booked by dialing 117 or

*Note: This all information we collect very carefully, and these all are the latest update but the change in fare possible by government so these all details are just for information purpose for latest details kindly contact your nearest railway booking office.

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