Jazz cash account khatam karne ka tarika

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Jazz Cash is also one of the most used mobile wallet accounts in Pakistan. However, it has eased our lives and made them more convenient than ever before. With the growing Pakistan industry day by day, people prefer to change their choice and move from one digital financial account to another.

How to delete Jazz Cash Account

First thing you have to do is to withdraw or transfer the amount from your Jazz Cash account if you have. If you have done this then follow the procedure to delete your Jazz Cash account.

For Jazz customers, call Jazz Cash helpline 4444 as soon as possible.

For other network customers, call the Jazz Cash helpline by dialing 021-111-124-444.

Follow the guideline to connect your call to the Jazz Cash customer care.

Wait to talk to the Jazz Cash customer representative.

Once your call gets connected, request the customer representative of jazz cash to close your account.

You will have to verify your identity. The customer will ask you a few questions regarding your personal information.

Once all the details are verified, the customer care representative will close your account permanently.

You will receive a confirmation message from Jazz Cash about the closure of your account. It can take a few hours.

How can I delete my Jazz Cash account From the Franchise?

Go to any of your jazz franchises and tell them you want to delete your Jazz Cash account. They will then give you a form that you must fill out and will also take a copy of your ID card. This form will also ask you why you want to close your Jazz Cash account. So, you have to pay them in full and after 24 hours your account will be closed and this is the easiest way and the process is done in 24 hours.
Jazz cash account khatam karne ka tarika

How to Close Jazz cash Account Online?

Jazz Cash account is not deactivated online. If you want to deactivate your Jazz Cash account at home, you need to call the helpline. You will need to dial the Jazz Cash number to call the helpline. Jazz Cash’s helpline number 4444.

You have to dial this number then you have to listen to its menu then you have to talk to the representative and the representative will take the ID card number etc. from you and take some of your information then Your account will be deactivated.

How to Check Jazz Cash Account Limit:

If you don’t have a Touch Mobile, you can find out your limit by dialing a code. Follow these steps below.

  1. First you have to dial this code *786#
  2. You will then get the My Account option. You have to dial (6).
  3. After clicking on My Account, you will get the check limit option you have to dial (9).
  4. After selecting the check limit, you will be asked for your account code. Enter whatever password you have entered and then you will get a message about your Jazz Cash Limit and this process is done in 24 hours.

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