Ladies scooty price in Pakistan

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In Pakistan, the number of girls riding bikes is gradually increasing. In today’s busy world, independent rides have become a necessity. Girls do not want to depend on other people. Ladies scooty price in Pakistan brands are committed to empowering girls to ride independently and making it easy for girls to ride their scooties. These Scotties are ideal for college and university and college going girls.

Scooty become a popular mode of transportation for girls in Pakistan, who had been largely left out of the two wheeler market. The scooty is easy to ride and helps girls travel safely and quickly to their destinations with cheap fuel. It also allows them to carry cargo, which is important because women in Pakistan often have to do the shopping and other household errands and it’s too easy to ride. In a society where women are often seen as second-class citizens, the scooty gives them more independence and freedom.

Ladies scooty price in Pakistan

United 50cc Scooty Price in Pakistan        PKR 50,000- 60,000
United 80cc Scooty Price in Pakistan        PKR 90,000-110,000
United 100cc Scooty Price in Pakistan        PKR 95,000- 145,000
Suzuki Scooty 49cc Price in Pakistan        PKR 80,000 to 100,000
Super Power Scooty 70cc Price in Pakistan        PKR 85,000 to 95,000


If you are looking for a scooty for girls, you can consider the Honda scooty. This scooty has an automatic transmission and a 115 cc engine. Its features include a fully digital instrument console with fuel efficiency, Eco indicator, real-time fuel efficiency, gear position indicator, service reminder, and LED headlamp. This scooter offers 78% better mileage than any other scooty on the market. It costs well over a lakh rupees and can be purchased for a price above one lac, also find used versions of the Honda scooty at a low price. Honda scooty price in Pakistan ranges from PKR 90,000 to 100,000.

United 100cc Ladies scooty price in Pakistan:

The United 100cc scooter is designed to handle hard use without sacrificing performance and too good in consumption. It is equipped with a four stroke and a single cylinder forced air cooled engine. The dry weight of this powerful scooter is around 93 kg. The United 100c Scooty for girls is an excellent option for daily use. This scooty has a 100cc 4-stroke engine and weighs about ninety kilograms. With a dry weight of about ninety kilograms, this scooter can accommodate two people. You can also find this model at a price of PKR 149,000 in Pakistan. A scooter for girls that is lightweight and powerful, then the united 100cc scooty is the best choice with low price. Its small engine and low weight make it easy to ride in traffic. The United 100cc Scooty is also a popular option for mothers who are looking for a scooty that suitable for daily use its spare parts are cheap. It has a 100cc engine and weighs around 90kg. Its tires are 90 by 90 with 12 upfront. The dimensions of united scooty is quite better.
Ladies scooty

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