Pakistan Top 10 PUBG Players

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PUBG’s popularity exploded from nowhere and has since reached the highest levels of the social game. The game, created by Chang EU, is played on a map with a topology resembling that of a modern battleground. PUBG is free to play and available on iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows. However, its success has made it one of the most sought-after gaming platforms in the world.

There is no doubt that Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is one of the most popular video games in the world. Although the game is a multiplayer shooter, it is also a massive betting game with a huge player base. The game was first released by developer Blue hole Studio in early 2017.

Pakistan top 10 PUBG players are probably the most active players of the game in Pakistan. They play PUBG with great skill and enjoy playing it. Here we listed Pakistan’s Top 10 PUBG Players:

SP Joker

SP Joker:

His plays are as well-executed as Joker from the DC universe. He is a gamer from Pakistan who plays at a very high level. He is among the Pakistan top 10 PUBG players. His most notable achievement was winning the first ever global cup, where he played in teams with other Pakistani players such as Pankaj Singh and Zeeshan Warraich. He does not like to disclose much about himself, and only provides his username for verification.

Ahmed OP

Ahmed OP:

The PUBG community is famous for its highly aggressive users. These players are known for their amazing skills and also for their aggressive and rude mannerisms. Ahmed Rana belongs to this group of PUBG players. He is well known for his aggressive strategies and tactics. His skill in gaming is quite high and he has a lot of loyal fans.


Doctor Pikachu:

Doctor Pikachu

Pakistanis are famous for their gaming skills and talent. With a vibrant gaming community in Pakistan, we have seen the rise of many Pakistani gamers. Among them is Mariyam, who has become one of the most famous gamers in PUBG Mobile. She has been playing PUBG Mobile since the very beginning and is a fantastic player.

Solo King:

He is one of the Pakistan top 10 PUBG players that can be found in many professional matches. He has won many tournaments and is a great gamer. SoloKing is one of the best LoL players you can find on the battlefield. He is highly skilled and is able to pull his team ahead to win.
Solo King

Mr. Jay Plays:

Mr JayPLays

He is a skilled gamer who has a professional career as a PUBG Mobile player. He is one of the top 10 PUBG player in Pakistan and one of the most followed gamers in Pakistan. He often streams his gameplay on his channel ‘Mr. Jay Plays’ on his official YouTube channel.

Cute Panda:

Cute Panda

The ‘cute panda’ player is a young kid from Pakistan. He started his PUBG journey from his home in Karachi. His big break came when he played with a pro gamer on stream (Game-streamer), the game developer, PUBG Corp, was impressed by his skills and asked him to join their team. He plays under the ID “cute panda”.

47 Khalifa:

47 Khalifa

The remarkable skill of this PUBG player is well known. You can see his gameplay videos on YouTube. He is a talented PUBG player who is always noticeable in the game. He was born on 20 September 1988 in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Legend Sam

Legend Sam:

Sam Malik is a clan leader for all the Sam Malik and Sam Malik Osmani clans. He is Pakistan’s best PUBG player and the only one who has the name Sam Malik in the game. His team has a huge number of trophies under their belt.



The Predator is a Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) player who has won many tournaments and games. He was one of the first players to get over 3,000 kills in PUBG Mobile. Zubair Khan is one of the most successful players in the world, as his domination of PUBG Mobile is unparalleled.

Star Anonymous:

star anonymous

He is an eSports player, who was born in Pakistan. He has a natural talent for gaming and has played multiple games. He is known as the most famous PUBG mobile player in Pakistan.

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