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Tilt is a systemic fungicide manufactured by Syngenta Pakistan Limited used to control a wide range of fungal diseases in crops such as wheat, rice, and mango. It contains the active ingredient propiconazole, which works by interfering with the biosynthesis of sterols in fungal cell membranes, stopping growth and preventing further infection. Tilt offers benefits like quick rain fastness and tank-mix flexibility, providing full-season disease control. Let’s take a closer look at Tilt fungicide, its uses, and pricing in Pakistan.

Tilt Fungicide Pricing in Pakistan

Tilt is available in Pakistan from agricultural input suppliers and online platforms. It comes in a 200ml bottle, which is sufficient to treat 1 acre of wheat at the recommended dose rate.

The current retail price for Tilt is around Rs. 1000 per 200ml bottle. This works out to around Rs. 500 per acre application cost. When purchased in bulk or multi-pack quantities, prices may range from Rs. 900 – 950 per bottle.
Tilt Fungicide Pricing in Pakistan

Some key online sellers and pricing for Tilt fungicide in Pakistan include:

Seller Price per 200ml bottle
Kissan Ghar Rs. 1000
Taha Agro Services Rs. 950 (bulk discounts available)
Progressive Agri Store Rs. 999
PakPunjab Agro Rs. 975

When purchasing Tilt, it’s important to ensure the product is within the manufacturer-specified expiry date and the seal is intact. Follow label instructions carefully for mixing directions, compatible tank mixes, and crop/pest-specific application rates. Proper application is key to getting good disease control.

With its broad-spectrum systemic activity, Tilt offers very effective and economical fungal disease control in wheat, rice, mango and other crops in Pakistan. Following label rates and intervals will provide season-long protection and prevent fungal infection from damaging crops and reducing yields. Consult agricultural experts for customized recommendations to suit your specific disease situation and cropping patterns.

What is Tilt Fungicide?

Tilt is a broad-spectrum fungicide that works systemically within plants to protect new growth from fungal infection. The active ingredient propiconazole stops fungal growth by binding to and inhibiting an enzyme responsible for producing sterols needed in fungal cell membranes. This prevents the pathogen from forming new cells or reproducing.

Tilt is absorbed quickly by plant tissues and moves throughout the plant, protecting it from infection. It is effective on contact and via transpiration within the plant. This systemic activity provides control of existing infections and residual control over new infections for 10-15 days.

Key features and benefits of Tilt fungicide include:

  • Broad-spectrum control of fungal diseases in cereals, fruits, nuts, and vegetables
  • Systemic movement within the plant for protection of new growth
  • Preventative and curative activity
  • Quick rainfastness – cannot be washed off by rain one hour after application
  • Tank-mix compatible with many insecticides and fungicides
  • Low use rates for economic disease control

Tilt works by both preventing fungal spore germination and halting the development of fungal hyphae. It is most effective when applied preventatively before disease onset but also provides good curative activity in the early stages of infection before symptoms occur.

Uses of Tilt Fungicide in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Tilt is registered for use on the following crops for control of fungal diseases:


Tilt is used in wheat for control of rust diseases like leaf rust, stripe rust, and stem rust. It is applied at 200ml per acre. Tilt provides effective control of all rust strains and can be tank-mixed with insecticides.


In rice, Tilt controls fungal leaf spot diseases including brown spot, narrow brown spot, and bacterial leaf blight. The recommended application rate is 80ml per acre.


Tilt is useful in managing powdery mildew in mango orchards. It is applied at 100ml per 100 liters of water. Regular preventative sprays will limit fungal growth and infections.

Tilt works systemically so it penetrates plant tissues and protects new growth. It should be applied as a foliar spray starting at the onset of disease. For optimal results, thorough coverage of foliage is necessary.

Propiconazole Mode of Action

The active ingredient in Tilt, propiconazole, belongs to the triazole class of fungicides and works by inhibiting demethylation and other processes in fungal cell membrane production. Specifically, it binds to and blocks the cytochrome P450 14-alpha demethylase enzyme which is responsible for converting lanosterol to ergosterol.

Ergosterol is an essential component of fungal cell membranes. By inhibiting its production, propiconazole disrupts the structure and function of cell membranes. This halts growth and prevents reproduction and further infection of the plant.

Propiconazole has preventative, curative, and eradicant activity. It is effective on a broad range of ascomycetes, basidiomycetes, deuteromycetes, and oomycetes fungal pests. Propiconazole translocates through the xylem of plants to distribute through all plant tissues. It has residual activity of 10-15 days depending on environmental conditions.

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