Top 10 Cement Companies In Pakistan

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Pakistani cement industry is included in those industries which were present even before the partition of the sub continent, like textile Industry in Pakistan. Why this industry has survived so long? The reason behind this is the presence of the raw materials. Pakistan is so rich in possessing very great reserves of limestone and clay which can support the cement industry for another 5 or 6 decades. 

Cement factories has a very influential part in making the of socio economic sector of Pakistan  strong. 

Here we will discuss the top 10 cement companies of Pakistan


This company is the midst of the top list manufacturers of cement in Pakistan. It has a capacity of producing 14,000 tons of cement per day. D.G.Khan cement  plants are based on advanced dry technology. Two of the plants  are located at Dera Ghazi khan and one at Khairpur Distt. Chakwal. Regional sales offices of D.G.Khan cement carry on a countrywide distribution network. The unmatched and consistant quality of the cement makes it a top choice for projects of national rectitude both locally and internationally. It is a listed  company on all stock exchanges in the country. 

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LCL are renown for the production of quality cement in Pakistan, with a production capacity of 7.75tons/annum. It possess ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 certificates. It is listed in all stock exchanges and is the 1st company exporting enormous quantities of loose cement. 


It is a part of fauji foundation with two plants one at Wah and other at Nizampur. It produces 8,295tons of  cement per day. It is the first to win ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 awards. It is a proud member of APCMA playing its part in the commercial development of Pakistan. 


Third largest cement factory of Pakistan is the Maple leaf cement company. As an alliance with the West Pakistan Industrial Corporation and Canadian government, it was set up in 1956. It operates two production sections for grey cement and one for white cement located at Daudkhel Distt. Miamwali, an area with abundant raw material required for the cement production.  Its products are delivered to local as well as overseas markets. 


Started from the year 1981, the commercial manufacturing at ACPL started in 1988. Right from the beginning ACPL has prospered through team work and has shown stead fast growth in the last 25 years. In addition to the hard work,  it has boosted its efficiency through persistent modernization of the plant. ACPL has been a part of major and semi government and private schemes. This company has attained higher criteria in local and regional markets by providing quality products. 


In accordance with the name, Pioneer cement is known for its quality products since the beginning of the project. In 1994 a European plant with quality control features was deputed. Second unit was structured in 2006. Customers confide in Pioneer cement industry because of the superior quality products. 


 Established in 1980, Kohat Cement Company manufactures grey and white cement. Its head office is located in Gulberg,  Lahore while the plant is located 60 kilometers away from Peshawar in the Kohat region. Producing grey cement about 2.6 tons/annum and white cement about 0.1tons / annum, Kohat cement supplies cement not only in Pakistan but also in the neighboring countries like India and Afghanistan. 


 It was incepted in 1980 as a public limited company. Its administrative control was taken over by Al-Abbas group in 2004 after getting in hand 100% shares of the company from the privatization Commission. Its production capacity is 1500tons/ day. It runs dry process technology based Japanese plant. 


 It holds an ISO 9001:2008  certificate. Its two plants located in Karachi (1982) and Hattar (1995) have a total capacity of 5800tons/day and 3800tons/day , respectively. Dewan Cement has always sustained its excellent quality and has attained a big name in the cement sector. 


 An accredited name in cement industry is that of Fauji cement incepted in Rawalpindi in the year 1992. It’s highly reputed as an excellent cement producer. In the  Last 19 years it has been of fundamental importance to Pakistan’s economic development as a reliable source of quality products.

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