Top 10 Earning Websites in Pakistan

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Nowadays there are very less job opportunities for graduates and many other degree holders. Students also want to earn before the completion of their degree. Internet is the best platform for everyone to earn at their home with their skills. There is a quote that if you are good at something never do it for free. So if you are good at something never do it for free. Make a platform for your own self and be a boss of your own. There are lots of sites and ways on internet to earn, there are the work of adds viewing, adds posting, data entry, captcha and many others.

Here is the list of top 10 Earning Websites in Pakistan


Olx is the best market to sale your product or to buy products. If you want to earn from olx. Simple procedure is this that get the pics of products of your family and friend that they want to sale, then post it on your account on olx and sale it take commission from them and also let yourself run this business and ask your colleagues that at what price they want something then ask them to give you commission if you are able to buy that thing for him at normal price.

PTC Wallet:

PTC Wallet

PTC wallet is a site where you can earn well, your earning depend on your investment. There is the work of viewing ads. There are different type of accounts like silver, gold, premium etc. make your account valid for 6 months or 1 year depending on the fee of their procedure. View ads when they are given to you and earn well.





Captcha2cash is a site where mostly student visits because it is the site where you can earn without investing anything. You just need to register yourself on it and enter the captcha that is shown on the image, their work is much easy and payment is normal as compared to other that need to those sites that requires investment to register.




You can also earn through you tube, just make a creative idea then deliver that idea to public through video. Your earning depends on your viewers. If the video is good and interesting to watch then people will watch your video and you will get more money.

Urdu Point/ Daily Pakistan:

Urdu Point/ Daily Pakistan


There are some newspaper that need articles for their social media account. Write articles for their self and earn well from it. Also give them some interesting news with proof or with pictures or videos then they will pay you back.

This is actually the sites for unemployed people because it has the ads of job opportunities offer by different companies. Than people get their self register and get notification on daily bases. is earning almost 480 $ on daily basis.

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Facebook pages:

Facebook pages


Mostly students and others spend their time on social media and there is also many resources to earn from social media. Make fb pages and post daily update on it. These daily update will give knowledge about what is happening around the world and also upload funny and motivational pics that will increase your likes and the page which has 10 to 15 lacs likes has cost of 25000 pkr.




The one who have skills and are unable to get job on their skill then they don’t need to worry about that because there are hundreds of free lancers that earn well on daily basis. Register yourself on freelancing site and add your skill in your skill category then you will be informed through mail about the work that matches with your skill.

Websites building:

Websites building


If you have the knowledge of making site then you can earn millions of rupee from your site. Just buy the most attractive domain that matches with the material that you will upload on your sites, get the rush of public on your site by updating interesting material and by making the promotion of your site. Then when you will have good viewers then google and other company will give you ads to publish it on your site and you will earn millions for lifetime.

Forex Trading:

Forex Trading


Here is a work that will give you large amount of money but for it a large investment and 2 to 3 years of experience is must. Because it is just the game of buying and selling of shares. And if you have knowledge of this trading then you can earn 50 to 7000 pkr in one day,

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