Top 10 Housing Schemes in Pakistan

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As we all are know that Pakistani real estate sector is at great bloom and lots of people are getting facilitated with that. Lots of developments housing societies are working in Pakistan now a day. These housing schemes are providing plots and also constructed houses in all over Pakistan. Currently these housing schemes are working in major cities of Pakistan. Estimated profit for these housing schemes is almost 169.69 million rupees. This area has earned lots of importance from earning point of view, as there is lots of profit in this. People invest in this sector and then when prices rates are high they sell it and earn profit. As Pakistan is a developing country so it needs to make efforts to make its economy stable. From past few years it was facing some serious issues related to properties. Now suddenly a boom came and Pakistan housing scheme industry is making progress by leaps and bounds now a days. We will discuss about top ten luxurious housing schemes in Pakistan that are extremely beautiful and well constructed.

i) Bahria Town:

It is most well-known and famous housing scheme in Pakistan. It has main office located in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore as well. Also it is currently establishing its head quarters in Hyderabad Pakistan. This scheme is famous because it provide amazing blend of traditional style also keeping latest trends in mind. If you are planning to get luxurious life style Bahria town is only choice for you.
Bahria Town

ii) Defence Housing Authority:

DHA societies have been established in almost all major cities of Pakistan to facilitate army officers and their families. As the main focus is army so these all are very well developed and expensive as well. Major projects have been done by DHA in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi as well.
Defence Housing Authority

iii) Royal Residencia Societies:

If you are looking to get some thing modern and can afford expensive place you must try to be part of Royal Residencia as it is modern and peaceful place also very luxurious providing high standards of living.
Royal Residencia Societies

 iv) Askari Housing Schemes:

Askari housing scheme is another famous scheme for providing security and excellent setup. Earlier main focus was to make this society for retired army officers but due to its popularity it was extended for civilians as well. Currently Lahore and Islamabad are main focus for development.
Askari Housing Schemes

 v) Faazia Housing Schemes:

The most amazing and innovative standards of livings are provided by Faazia Housing schemes. PAF has created these schemes and in almost all major cities of Pakistan it is currently operational. 

Faazia Housing Schemes

vi) City Housing Schemes:

This scheme was started in Gujranwala located at Canal road with amazing facilities like schools, hospitals and parks etc. All the facilities are at your doorstep and also providing amazing and modern way of living with proper security.
City Housing Schemes

vii) Canal View Housing Schemes:

Amazing nature view with lush green color landscape mode on Canal side. This scheme is currently operational in Faisalabad. Their main focus is to provide comforting and luxurious life style.
Canal View Housing Schemes

viii) Eden Housing Schemes:

Currently this scheme is operation in Sargodha, providing high standards of livings in a peaceful and calm surrounding.
Eden Housing Schemes

ix) Government Employee Housing Societies:

This was established for government’s employees with currently active projects in Lahore, Faisalabad and Bahawalpur as well.
Government Employee Housing Societies

x) Wapda Housing Society:

This society is also working on various projects in almost all major cities of Pakistan for developing amazing sectors to facilitate people.
Wapda Housing Society

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