Top 10 Richest Women in Pakistan

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There are many richest women in Pakistan, we may call them business ladies, established their own businesses.  It is the desire of every woman to look beautiful and become richest women of the world. Many Pakistani woman have got the name and fame not only in Pakistan but also around the world due to his effort and hard working. Here is the list of top ten richest women in Pakistan. 

Richest women in Pakistan

  • Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar is one of the not only most richest and multi talented actor but also richest lady who has got the familiarity and popularity in a very short time of life  she is very beautiful and hardworking lady of the industry. She is earning a 20 lack per project.
Saba Qamar

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  • Musarrat Misbah

Musarrat Misbah is one of the most stylist beauticians of Pakistan. She is a very kind lady and soft lady. She has got gifted talent. Misbah musharrat has also number of branches of Depilex in various cities of Pakistan through which she is earning million of rupees in month. She is renowned for her artistic, ground-breaking make-up techniques and unique.
Musarrat Misbah

  • Jehan Ara

Jehan Ara is one of the most successful and dominating business women in Pakistan. These days, she is leading to Software Houses Association, which got a highest position among the top IT companies of the world. Apart from business woman, she is also a great motivator and an enthusiastic and social activist.
Jehan Ara

  • Marium Afzal

Mariam Afzal is one of the richest business ladies in Pakistan. She did her graduating class of 2010 with switched towards and flying colors to producing a distinguished personality for herself among the spectators around the world. She is currently providing the service for the Punjab government of Pakistan.
Marium Afzal

  • Roshaneh Zafar

She is one of the successful business woman of Pakistan who left her World Bank career in order to recognized Kashf Foundation which got an achievement of being the first micro finance institution of Pakistan which had established in 1996. Basically, she began off with a minor crew and only 15 clients in her hand. In a recent time, her name comes among the top richest ladies of Pakistan.
Roshaneh Zafar

  • Maria Umar

Maria umar is the largest source of inspiration for Pakistani women. She is considered as one of the greatest and successful business women of Pakistan. She has began her own organization after leaving the noblest profession  of teaching and set up an IT solution company called The Women’s Digital League which is providing number of services for the women rights.
Maria Umar

  • Shahnaz Wazir Ali

Shahnaz Wazir Ali is not only business woman but also great politician of Pakistan. She has provide the a lot of support to Benazir income support funds Through her hard work and dedication, the government’s BISP is recently one of the leading and greatest  social cash transfer program in Pakistan which offer the  helped poor families in all over  the Pakistan.
Shahnaz Wazir Ali

  • Ms. Alia Khan

Alia Khan is a leading successful business woman in Pakistan who is currently running two businesses such as Al-Huda Mustaqeem Travels & Tours and the Oyester Fabrics. She is obviously great source of inspiration for modern women. Through her struggling, she has recognized herself as a great business woman and one of the greatest and leading business women of Pakistan. 

Ms. Alia Khan

  • Shaista Lodhi

Shaista Lodhi is a former TV Presenter. She is the one of the richest lady Pakistan she is earning a lot of money through different tv programs.
Shaista Lodhi

  • Kalsoom Lakhani

She is the CEO and president of Invest to Innovate. She has a greatest name in entrepreneurs in Pakistan. Her company offers support to seed-stage social enterprises she is definitely a great inspiration for Pakistan women.
Kalsoom Lakhani

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