Top 10 Whitening Creams in Pakistan- Best Fairness Creams

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Now a days it is most important for every young girl and boy to look fair and beautiful. They all put lots of efforts to keep skin neat and clean. To get fair flawless complexion is dream of every female.  There are plenty of whitening creams available in markets and they all claim to generate guaranteed results. These whitening creams are effective but if you want to get healthy skin for longer period of time, focus on improving your diet. Daily cleanse your skin to remove dust and clean pores as this dust particles result in black heads and generate brown and black spots on your skin. Also it is much important to stay away from getting direct exposure to sun light, if it is necessary apply sun block on your face before getting out of your home. We will discuss about different variety of creams and tell you which one is best for you.

List of top ten whitening creams in Pakistan :- 

1: Fair and Lovely Whitening Beauty Cream:

Fair and Lovely Whitening Beauty Cream

There are some solid evidences that result is making fair and lovely the best whitening beauty cream in Pakistan. It has no side effects and all the ingredients are also 100 % harmless and skin friendly. It is affordable and accessible for every one and also has earned lots of positive reviews making it stand at the top.

2: Pond Whitening Beauty Cream:

Pond Whitening Beauty Cream

This cream is also very famous among lots of whitening creams and also suitable to people of every age group. It has made modification to develop several formulas like age miracle and wrinkle free. If you continuously apply this cream it results in making your skin lighter and smooth with amazing fragrance. It is slightly expensive than fair and lovely with quick results.

3: Garnier Lightening Nigh Whitening Cream:

Garnier Lightening Nigh Whitening Cream

Here comes another very famous and well known brand. This cream is applied overnight and also generates amazing output. Main ingredients in products are fruits and vitamin making it one of the best fairness creams. It also helps to remove dark spots and old marks from skin.

4: L’Oreal Whitening Cream:

L’Oreal Whitening Cream

This is also one of the well-recognized and amazing brands. L’Oreal offers wide range of beauty products; you can choose any of the creams based on your skin type. It gives amazing glow and beautiful pinkish shine to your face. It is recommended by most of the dermatologist in Pakistan for every day use.

5: Golden Pearl Whitening Beauty Cream:


Because of its cheap price and amazing results with none of the side effects this cream is getting popular among young girls everyday. All the ingredients used in manufacturing of the product are completely safe and secure. It is effective on all types of skin and has target almost all the market.

6: Lakme Perfect Intense Repair whitening Beauty Cream:

Lakme Perfect Intense Repair whitening Beauty Cream

Another well known and famous brand in the field of beauty products. This cream is considered amazing and skin friendly. It helps in removing dark spots and lightens your skin tone.


7: Olay Natural Beauty Whitening Cream:

Olay Natural Beauty Whitening Cream

This cream is expensive as compared to other whitening creams but it gives amazing and drastic results. It is mixture of several vitamins especially mulberry leaves extracts making it very useful and amazing. It helps to lighten skin tone and makes your fair and beautiful each day.

8: Nivea Amazing and Sparkling Whitening Cream:

Nivea Amazing and Sparkling Whitening Cream

Nivea is also another famous name in the field of beauty products. It is also completely harmless and gives amazing results especially preferred for dry skin.


9: Revlon Fairness and Beauty Cream:

Revlon Fairness and Beauty Cream

Another amazing whitening cream with multi vitamins helps in generating amazing out put and makes your skin tone even.

10: Clean And Clean Deep Action Whitening Cream:

Clean And Clean Deep Action Whitening Cream

Clean and clear is also another famous name in cosmetics. It removes dust and makes your skin tone even.


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