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Almost all Pakistani writers are writing amazing novels about romance, history and notifications etc but only few of them are really writing about good fiction material. Lots of writing are working on romance related fiction but very few are focusing on modern fiction data. We will discuss with you about top 10 writers of Pakistan that have worked amazingly in the past. As there is lots of diversity in the field of writing. Almost in all over the people use writing to describe about the issues and problems in society, it can be about humor as well and also romantic novels are very popular. In Pakistan, lots of amazing writers have written amazing and breathtaking story. Lots of them has drawn a very clear picture of issues that are growing in our society.Literally art that has been done in Pakistan is clearly amazing. We have selected list of 10 famous writers who has done amazing work and lots of them have gained recognition on international level as well. Writing style of every person is very different even same story different people will tell their own way and secondly everyone has different opinion about the issues that are growing rapidly in our society. Here is list of Top ten famous and amazing writers of Pakistan.

1:  Mustansar Hussain Tarar:

Mustansar Hussain Tarar

One of the renowned Pakistani writers is Hussain Tarar. He was on 1st March 1939. He has earned lots of fame for writing very good novels. He also traveled lots of places and write columns about different topics and society issues as well. His lists of famous books are:

i): Gadhay Hamaray Bhai Hain

ii): Bezti Kharab

iii): Chikh Chuk

He has written lots of other novels that got popularity and fame. He was amazing writer and provided list of amazing work that cannot be compared with anyone else.

2: Bano Qudsia:

Bano Qudsia

Bano Qudsia and her husband Ishfaq Ahmed wrote lots of popular book, quotations and novels. Both names are well known to almost everyone in Pakistan. Raja Gidh is the most famous novel written By Bano Qudsia. Her famous novels are:

i) Chota Sheher baray log

ii) Purwa

iii) Hassil Ghaat

iv) Same e Wajood

v) Tawajah ki Talib

Bano Qudsia was such an amazing writers. All the books written by Bano Qudsia are worth reading. All the literary art done by BanoQudsia is amazing and cannot be compared with any other writer.

3: Saadat Hassan Manto:

Saadat Hassan Manto

Saadat Hassan Manto has been counted as one of the best writers of all time. His novel Manto was one of the best novels of all time. Manto will keep Saadat Hasana live.He has written one novel and almost twenty two short stories. All his material is enough to describe his personality. He became famous among people after writing his first story Ganjay Farishtay. Other famous story series writter by Saadat is

i) Manto ke Mazameen

ii) Sarak Kinarey

iii) Namrood Ki Khudai

4: Ashfaq Ahmed:

Ashfaq Ahmed

Every writer has some special characteristics, which make him/her famous and differentiate from other people. Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed have all of those characteristics. Zaavia was his one of the very famous books. Other list includes:

i) Aik Mohabbat So Afsanay

ii) Baba Sahiba

iii) Man Chalay ka Sauda

He has also written impressive stuff about Sufism as well.

5: Qudrat Ullah Shahab:

Qudrat Ullah Shahab

He stands among civilian servants who know so much about history and also clearly wrote impressive stuff related to recreational affairs about post Pakistan. Sahab Nama , his autobiography made him very famous and also every one has heard about that book. He got his inspiration about writing from Ibn e Insha. His other famous books include:

i) Maanji

ii) Ya Khudaa

iii) Nafsanay

He got lot of fame and popularity because of his amazing work.

6: Ibn-e-Insha:


His birth name was Sher Muhammad khan but he has earned popularity with name Ibn e Insha. He has amazing sense of humor and got popularity because of this. His every subject and writing includes amazing kind of humor. In the history of urdu poetry he is known as the best humorists, he was also awarded for this. His famous writings are :

i) Awara Gard Ki Diary

ii) Kumar-e-Gandum

iii) Nagri Nagri Phira Musafir

iv)  Ap Se kiya Parda

Because of amazing sense of humor, Ibn e Insha was very popular among all the Pakistani writers.

7: Intizar Hussain:

Intizar Hussain

Famous and amazing Pakistani writer Intizar Hussain has died recently. He has written a famous series of urdu novels and short stories. After Manto, he is second most famous Pakistani writer who has also earned fame and recognition at international level. His famous writings are:

i) Agy Samandar hai

ii) Wo jo kho Gayey

iii) Shehr-e-Afsos

8: Ibn e Safi:

Ibn e Safi

His birth name is Asrar Ahmed, but he got fame under the name of Ibn e safi.His novels are counting as the best selling novels of Pakistan.He is famous of writing mysterious and humorous novels.His famous books are :

i):Baldaran ki Malika

ii):Diplomat Murgh

iii): Admi ki Jarian

9: Umera Ahmed:

Umera Ahmed

She is an amazing Pakistani screenwriter and author. Her most amazing novel was Peer e kamil which was about our Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him/. Her other famous writing include:

i) Lahasil

ii) Merizaatzara e Benishan

iii) Sauda

Lots of Tv dramas was made written based on her novels like Man-o-Salwa, Meri Zaat Zara be Nishan and Lahasil. She is very famous for writing amazing novels. Meri Zaat Zara be Nishan was another amazing piece written by Umera Ahmed.

10: Farhat Ishtiaq:

Farhat Ishtiaq

Farhat Ishtiaq is another amazing Pakistani author and screen writer. One of the most famous novels written by her is Humsafar on which a TV drama serial was also written. Mata e Jan was also among one of his best novels. She got popularity and fame for writing romantic novels. Farhat Ishtiaq has also written several column and stuff related to social issues of Pakistani society.


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