Top Ten Exports of Pakistan

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Pakistan has the 25th largest economy in the world. Pakistan is the only country where four types of seasons are facilitated, there many major exports of Pakistan in all four seasons. Each season has some specifications in it. Whether it is summer, winter, spring or autumn. Each season bring some comforts and some useful products are being produced in those seasons. Pakistan earns many profits through foreign trading and it is much helpful for the economy of the country. We have many natural resources that are only awarded to the Pakistan by the Allah Almighty. There are foreign trading policy too that is proven very helpful for Pakistan. No matter what the situation is we know our exports will help us to bring stability back to our country and by the grace to almighty through this trading Pakistan is getting progress day by day.
Top Ten Exports of Pakistan

Exports of Pakistan

Pakistan exports different goods to the other countries like knitted fabrics of cotton, fish and fish preparations, rice, vegetables, fruits, spices, oil, seeds, nuts, kernels, raw cotton, read made garments, cotton yarn, cotton fabrics, textiles, bed sheets, synthetic yarn, towels, tents, carpets, leather, crude animal material, yarn waste, tulle, chemicals, pharmaceutical products, sports goods, ship stores, handicrafts, tractors, iron, steels, cutlery, clothing, and printed clothes.

These are the goods that are being exported by Pakistan. There are different areas that produce these goods like if we talk about the sports goods then there is a city Sialkot from where the sport goods are exported. Sialkot is very famous and known for its sports accessories. Sialkot only exports these goods to other countries but all over the Pakistan Sialkot provides sports accessories. Then if we step forward to the garments then there are some cities that are known for the clothes like Gujranwala, Lahore, Karachi and Faisalabad are the cities from where the garments are exported and also transferred to all over the Pakistan.

There are some areas like Bahawalpur and same like more where the fertilizers are produced at good quantity. Here the agricultural system is good they grew cotton, wheat, rice, and other goods at good quantity. Then here comes handicrafts. Handicrafts are mostly made at villages. Villagers made these arts for their earning and these handicrafts are like antiques and exported to the other countries. In different provinces there are different exports due to climate changes and land uniqueness. In sindh, Mangoes are the major export. Pakistan is earning much economy from sindh and it is the 2nd largest among Pakistan’s economy.  Agricultural field is very good in sindh   bananas, rice, and sugar cane. Sindh has many natural resources like coal, petroleum and gas. Not only is the machinery also exported like plastic, cement and many other goods.

In Multan, potato is also exported. In this year about 400,000 acres potatoes were cultivated and it is 3.5 % higher than the last one. However it is more profitable and useful to sell things in the country than to sell them abroad. Pakistan textile mill is advancing day by day. Exports of textile grew by 0.2% than last year. Among them, knitwear export increased by 13.9%, read made garments by 6.8 % and cotton by 4.6 %.

In KPK, both industry as well as agricultural play an important role in the economy of Pakistan. It is the 3rd largest economy of Pakistan. In KPK, dry fruits are extensive. The land of KPK is not so good , however, horticultural crops such as potatoes , apples and tomatoes are found . Crops like wheat, maize , barley, rice , millet , sugarcane , tobacco are exported from KPK .More than 75% of tobacco is found from KPK. Cement, gypsum, limestone is also exported. In 2012 there were almost 1821 industrial units in KPK.  They are used for refining of vegetables and fruits, for refining of sugarcane, cement and many other industries.  About 78% of marble is exported from KPK.  Swat is preparing different types of peach which is exported all over the world.

Now Balochistan, it is also known as fruit basket. Good quality apples are exported from Pakistan to all over the world and 80% of them are produced in Balochistan. 90% production of cherry, grapes, and almonds, 60 % peach and apricot and 70% dates from BALOCHISTAN. Gawadar port would provide Afghanistan and the CARs (central Asian Republic) the shortest and the fastest access to the warm water of Arabian Sea. So, Quetta is becoming the hub of trade activities among Pakistan, Iran , central Asian countries and Iraq . This is playing a very important rule in trade and export figure is increasing day by day.  

Many industries are working in Pakistan which is exporting their   products all over the world. Textile industry making cotton, wool garments, knitwear. Faisalabad is known to be Manchester of Pakistan due to its major textile products. Wool thread blankets, are made in Banuu , Karachi and Multan. Paper is being exported from Lahore, Noshera and Hyderabad. Armament industries making rifles, machine guns, morters and many other weapons. Pakistan is self dependent and also exporting these weapons to the other countries. At Kamra , Airplanes are made and repaired.  Made in Pakistan weapons are send to 40 counties among the world.  Pakistan is exporting much war equipment to the Arabian countries.

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