Top 10 Air Conditioner Brands (AC) in Pakistan

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Everyone wants to remain in cool room in summers as the summers are most difficult time to be passed. People visits different electronics to buy the Air Conditioner for their self sometimes they get well but sometimes they have been misguided. In order to buy AC you should keep some tips in your mind, the company should be in demand so that if you want to sale it its resale should be good. And also get yourself know that on which voltage of electricity it starts cooling. When you are in shop of electronics you are like, I don’t understand which AC should I buy all are good, but make clear of things that have been discussed above. Pakistani AC are approved from Air conditioning Brandon USA.

Air Conditioner (AC) Brands In Pakistan

Orient AC

Orient electronics are very famous nowadays in public. This electronics were established in 1957 and Mr. Mian Muhammad Fazal is the owner of orient electronics and their head office is in Lahore. When there is the voltage of 220 Volts then Orient Ac starts cooling.


When we are about to buy AC we need to know about its inverter too. When there is the question of its cooling capacity, it’s out door unit and condenser size also matters. The out-door unit of GREE ac is more strong then other and it is 20% bigger in size then others. It saves up-to 60% of electricity.

Kenwood AC

Kenwood ACs are also demand because of their specifications. It needs the electricity of 150 Volts to start cooling inside the room. It maintains its cooling when there is 50 degree outside. It saves the electricity up-to 75%. There prices starts from 58 thousand.

Haier AC

Haier ac inspire the living. By detecting the number of people present in the room, airflow and temperature can be adjusted automatically. Haier ac will continue to give you cooling even when temperature comes at 52 degree Celsius. It saves up-to 50% of electricity. There prices starts from 51000.

Dawlance AC

Dawlance ac has digital protection device installed in it that protects the ac from voltage fluctuation. Its inverter saves the electricity up to 60%. It has dual functions heating and cooling. Save your today for better tomorrow with dawlance. There prices starts from 60500.


PEL has the high quality inverter and built on international standards. It has very high ratio of  3.1 PEL ac’s five us high efficiency  with very low ampere cooling so that you can save more electricity. There prices starts from 57500.

Mistubishi AC

Mitsubishi electronics are good in use and their head quarter in Tokyo japan. Mitsubishi manufactures electric and architectural equipment. It works when there is the voltage of 220 volts. There prices starts from 65000.

Samsung AC

Samsung is the name of brand and they are manufacturing many other electronics like mobiles, laptops, fridges etc. and they are much more acceptable in public. Samsung ac performs much cooling and it starts cooling when there is the voltage of 200 volts.  Their prices starts from 62500.


LG electronics is the multinational South Korean electronics. And there are almost 82000 employees are working in this large group. LG Company is dealing in mobile, vehicle components and home entertainment etc.

Panasonic AC

Panasonic Corporation is a multinational corporation of japan and their head office is in Osaka Japan. Their ac’s are in good demand. The need 200 volts of electricity to start the cooling. Their prices starts from 44000.

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