Easy Chicken Recipes For Ramadan

In this Ramadan, focus on eating healthy and yummy food to stay healthy and fit. In summers refreshing soft drinks are most important because of hot summer season. Also people get hungry so we will share Easy Chicken Recipes For Ramadan with you. Exclusive range of healthy food recipes are available for you to make sahoor and iftar more healthy. Desserts and sweet dishes are also equally important. 

Easy To Make Recipes List

Chili Nugets Recipe 

Chicken mince
White pepper
Black pepper
Green chilies
Coriander leaves
Garlic paste
Crumbs Bread slices
Bread crumbs for coating chicken pieces
Eggs 1 and 2.

Cooking Instructions :

Mix half kg chicken minced with one and half tablespoons of salt, half table spoon of black pepper, half tablespoon white pepper, two finely chopped green chilies, two tablespoons coriander leaves and one tablespoon of garlic ginger paste. Crush four bread slices to make crumbs. Marinate chicken and leave it as it for almost one hour. Make different shapes as you desire to make nuggets and dip these nuggets in crumbs then dip crumb coats nuggets in to beaten eggs. Deep fry nuggets and take these out. Server with ketchup and chatni.


Spice Roghani Chicken

Half kg Chicken leg piece 
Onion one
Spring onion one
Lemon two
Dry chilies  
One cup of water
Boiled cabbage 
Tomato paste 
Chili powder 
Red food color 
Cumin powder 
Ginger garlic paste 
Oil for frying
Salt as per your taste

Cooking Instructions :

Marinate chicken pieces with lemon juice and also add little amount of salt. Deep fry chicken pieces till it gets brown color which indicates that chicken is fully cooked. Boil onion and cabbage then mix it with spring onion and tomato paste with red chillies paste. Mix it with little water to make a fine and smooth paste in grinder. Grinder it well to make a smooth paste. Heat oil and add garlic ginger paste to it then fry it till it gets light brown color, mix all the vegetables into it and add one cup of water. Keep frying and add chili powder with turmeric and salt. You can also add red food color to give food a better presentation. Now add fried chicken piece to it and cook for eight to ten minutes till all the spices get mix with chicken. Remove the lid and server hot and yummy roghani chicken. 


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