How to earn money from Snack Video In Pakistan

How can you make money from Snack Video? In this article, I will show you the way to earn money from Snack Video in Pakistan without any difficulty. There are many ways to earn money from Snack videos and I will show you all of them, which are easy and genuine ways to earn money from the Snack video app in Pakistan. Here are some ways to earn money from this app:

Signup Bonus: 

Snack video offers a bonus for signing in with a new account. You’ll receive 200 Coins on your new registration.

Daily Bonus:

You can earn coins by watching videos regularly. Watch Snack Videos on daily basis and earn coins on the following criteria:

  • +200 Coins on 1st Day
  • +400 Coins on 2nd Day
  • +800 Coins on 3rd Day
  • +200 Coins on 4th Day
  • +400 Coins on the 5th Day
  • +200 Coins on the 6th Day
  • +1599 Coins on the 7th Day
  • +2399 Coins on 14th Day
  • +2999 Coins on 21st Day
  • +3999 Coins on 30th Day

Invite to Friends:

Earn money from Snack video by sending invite to friends. Another trick to make money from this app is to invite your friends using a referral code. You can earn 140 to 200 by inviting and signing up for a new account.

Sell Products:

You can earn money here by selling products on this app such as jewelry, clothes, electronics, and much more. This app helps you as a marketing tool and generate sales for your business.


Downloading and uploading films with products embedded as an internet marketing technique can bring a large amount of money to both the filmmaker and the company. Recently Snack Video, the newest company to come onto the market, is blowing everyone away and becoming incredibly popular. All of the major corporations want their products to be represented. This is a great opportunity for all of Snack’s video providers.

Competition Rewards:

You can win prizes ranging from basic T-shirts to expensive devices such as iPhones by participating in Snack Video competitions.

Content Sharing:

With Snack Video, sharing videos with friends is a valuable way to make money. You can get up to 1000 coins each day with this app.

How to Withdraw Money from Snack Video App?

  • Select the icon in the bottom right to be taken to your profile.
  • Click the top right corner to enter the ‘Snack Video App Options’.
  • You now have the option to include your phone number on your profile.
  • If you do not yet have Jazz cash or Easypaisa account, here’s the place to create one.
  • If that happens, a verification account will be made to your phone number.
  • You will then input this code in the required area, and your phone number will be added to the system.
  • Click on the option called coins, found in the drop-down menu.
  • In PKR, tokens for many collections of similar items can be found in a single location.
  • When you click on withdrawal, a new tab will open.
  • You may withdraw an amount


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