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Jacob & Co. is one of the leading high-end luxury watch brands renowned for its bold and innovative designs. As an established authority in horology since 1986, Jacob & Co. has garnered a loyal following among Pakistan’s elite watch collectors and enthusiasts willing to invest in exclusive timepieces. Let’s do an in-depth look at some of Jacob & Co.’s most sought-after models and their pricing in Pakistan’s luxury watch market.

Jacob and Co watch Price in Pakistan


Popular Jacob & Co. Models and Prices in Pakistan

Where to buy Watch Name Asking Price in PKR Status

Seller Details

OLX Automatic movement sapphire glass 95000 Replica Time Point
OLX Different Models 7000 Replica

Time Point

OLX Astronomia 119000 Replica

Time Point

OLX Astronomia 9200000 Original Saadat Watch & Co
OLX Astronomia 8500000 Original Saadat Watch & Co
OLX Astronomia 7500000 Original Saadat Watch & Co
OLX Astronomia 8900000 Original Saadat Watch & Co

Epic II

The Epic II is one of Jacob & Co.’s signature watches, recognized for its complicated design featuring four oscillators that deliver accuracy down to the millisecond. The 47mm case contains an astonishing 578 components. Prices start from around PKR 3,500,000 for steel models and can surpass PKR 10,000,000 for diamond-set styles at authorized retailers in Pakistan.


Drawing inspiration from the solar system, the Astronomia collection showcases rotating subdials orbiting the watch face. The limited edition Astronomia Art Puzzle model, of which just 18 pieces exist, commands prices over PKR 30,000,000 making it the highest priced Jacob & Co. watch available in Pakistan. More accessible Astronomia styles start around PKR 6,500,000.


As the name implies, Palatial timepieces exhibit lavish details like a central floating balance bridge and meticulously engraved components. With over 685 parts, the Palatial costs approximately PKR 6,000,000 at authorized dealerships in Pakistan’s major cities.

Five Time Zone

Boasting 5 time zones clearly visible on a single dial, the Five Time Zone caters to global travelers. The self-winding chronograph movement powers up to 28800 vibrations per hour. Expect prices ranging from PKR 1,500,000 to PKR 2,500,000 based on dial materials and customization.

Twin Turbo Furious

The Twin Turbo Furious model has an automotive-inspired design with an actual working turbocharger built into the watch. Limited to 18 pieces worldwide, the Twin Turbo Furious commands hefty prices of PKR 12,000,000 and up at retailers serving luxury clientele in Pakistan.

Why Jacob & Co. Watches are Popular in Pakistan

As a veteran luxury watch expert and leading industry publication point out, Jacob & Co. timepieces have gained immense popularity in Pakistan due to their status as a symbol of power and prestige. The complex watchmaking required to produce Jacob & Co.’s unique novelties positions them as exclusive haute horology acquisitions. For wealthy businessmen and officials, owning the lavish Astronomia or Palatial validates their stature and flaunts their ability to acquire prohibitive luxuries.

Pakistan’s elite classes also view high-end watches like Jacob & Co. as valuable investments expected to appreciate over time. The limited production runs combined with innovative designs catering to watch connoisseurs have contributed to the brand’s collectibility and scarcity. As masterpieces of craftsmanship, Jacob & Co. timepieces command a premium on the secondary market.

Where to Buy Authentic Jacob & Co

Watches in Pakistan To ensure authenticity, Jacob & Co. watches should only be purchased through the brand’s authorized dealers in Pakistan. Notable retailers are located in luxury shopping destinations in major cities like Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad.

When shopping for high-end investment watches, it’s critical to buy only from trusted sellers who can produce authenticity papers and proof of an official relationship with Jacob & Co. This avoids potentially counterfeit watches marketed through unauthorized channels and ensures any warranty protections. Examining timepieces in person is also advised when making a significant luxury purchase.


With a reputation for producing some of the most elaborate and groundbreaking timepieces in the world, Jacob & Co. enjoys substantial demand among Pakistan’s most affluent watch collectors. Iconic designs like the Astronomia and Epic II command prices in the millions from authorized luxury dealers in major cities catering to the country’s elite clientele. For those seeking exclusive status symbols that also represent sound investments, Jacob & Co. ranks among the top prestigious brands offering unmatched horological advancement and sophistication.

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